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Van Exel wants out of Denver

December 9th, 2001 by aswitzer

Van Exel wants out of Denver. After the final loss in a 0-4 roadtrip, Nick blew up in the Nuggets locker-room afterward. “I’m tired of this… I’m tired of losing. I just want out of here.” As a result, a meeting is setup for 12/10 with Nick, Coach Issel, and GM Vandeweghe set to air differences and discuss where to go from here. Van Exel is especially upset over recent trades that only seem to improve the other teams – citing examples of Bobby Jackson, Danny Fortson, Keon Clark, Bryant Stith, Ron Mercer, Popeye Jones, and Kevin Willis. Nick has a point, but I sure hope he finds a way to hang tough with the Nuggets, at least a little longer. As George McCloud said after the game and tirade – “Winning cures all”.

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