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Hispanic leaders threaten to boycott Nuggets

December 13th, 2001 by aswitzer

The latest news in the Dan Issel saga – Pierre Jiminez, speaking for the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has threatened that the Nuggets will be boycotted unless they fire coach Dan Issel. The Nuggets organization has already come forward and said that Dan Issel will not be fired, that 25 years of service to the organization can not be overlooked, and has been suspended for 4 games. Based on precedent, this punishment is 4 times more severe that what was done to then Coach John Calipari for a similar incident a few years ago. Speculation abounds that once Issel comes back from his suspension, he will bow to the mounting pressure and tip his own hand.

Personally, I like Dan Issel, and while I want a new Nuggets Coach and I find what Issel did deplorable, I don’t want to see him leave the Nuggets in this state of disgrace. I hope he coaches the remainder of the year, and then heads into the background in the Nuggets organization with his honor intact, leaving way for a new coach for the 2002-2003 season.

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2 Responses to “Hispanic leaders threaten to boycott Nuggets”

  1. Wavatar jeffrey Garcia Says:

    This action was discusting, he should resign immediately!

  2. Wavatar buddy trujillo Says:

    Dan has been a leader and a gentleman in the Denver community now for some years. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. I do not condone what he said, but, he deserves the chance to rectify the situation.

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