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Issel resigns as Nuggets Head Coach and President

December 27th, 2001 by aswitzer

Dan Issel has officially resigned as Nuggets Head Coach and President. The official announcement came at 5:00 yesterday, just hours before the Nuggets were to host the Minnesota T-Wolves. Although I find it sad to see the Horse leave the Nuggets on these terms, it does bring closure to the events that started on December 11th.

Personally, I wish that Issel could have left the team at the end of this season with more of his dignity and reputation intact. I do think that his decision to resign was weighted with more than just the response to his actions on December 11th. I think he also had lost the perspective of having fun with the team – something he did seem to be doing much better last year. Unfortunately, the preseason loss of McDyess, and the mounting losses and turmoil of this season so far put Dan under tremendous pressure. Even though I do think it was time for new leadership in the Nuggets organization, both in coaching and in personnel decisions, I would have rather seen Dan stick it out until the end of this year. Hopefully though, the resolution will do the team some good, and let them build something more positive for the remainder of this season. Who knows, maybe even Nick will want to stay?

I can dream, can’t I?

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