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Nuggets Open House – photos

December 27th, 2001 by aswitzer

I just got back from the Nuggets 2001 Open House, an annual event to reward season ticket holders to some behind the scenes access to the Nuggets players and coaching staff.
Despite the recent turmoil with the team, it was a great event, there was a large turn-out, and everyone was in good spirits.

I waited in line and received autographs from Ryan Bowen, Chris Anderson, and the Nuggets coaching staff. I talked briefly with Ryan, and some of you may have heard that he got in a tussle with Gary Trent away from the ball during last night’s game with Minnesota. I asked Ryan about it, because all I saw was Ryan on the ground with Trent standing over him. There was an uproar in the crowd, and the refs called Trent for a flagrant foul. Ryan said that Trent actually took his head in his hands and slammed it against the court – he had a black eye today to show for it!
I’ve added pictures to the Multimedia page from the event.

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