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January 11th, 2002 by crae

My wonderful husband let me take a girlfriend to the Nugget’s game last night on one condition….that I write an editorial of the game! So here it is: (Please excuse all spelling mistakes!)

Cleveland who??? I couldn’t name a single player on the team, but it really didn’t matter since it was the Nick VanExcellent and Raef show. Wow!!! The team was like a jello mold last night! They all played great together! Even Cheaney had a good game (it’s about time). The first half consisted of a 2 on 2 game. Nick and Raef VS. Murray(#30) and Miller(#24). Those 4 had all the points and there was very little rebounding. The score was close the entire night and Nick was ALL business. The new coach for Cleveland, Mr. John “I use to be a Nugget’s assistant coach” Lucas, coached the entire game standing up. I was SO surprised when I saw B.Stith running down the court! He and Nick chatted a few times during the game, probably about their desires to be traded!!! I was also pleasantly surprised that George McCloud was on the bench, injured. I think that wraps it up. One side note, the cheerleaders had on a new outfit that I had never seen. A navy blue kind of tennis dress. Short and revealing….but they looked like 10 year olds! The “Too Hot for Teacher” look is MUCH better!!! Until next time…Carrie 🙂

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  1. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Very nice entry – especially about the cheerleaders. 🙂

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