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Antonio McDyess Update

January 22nd, 2002 by aswitzer

February nears, and rumors are circling that McDyess won’t be ready to play. In December, the Nuggets and Antonio were still optimistic, and McDyess was talking about a January comeback. Once he got on both legs and realized how far away he still was from 100% strength in both legs, he wisely backed off of that stance and went back to the February plan that the team doctors had set.

Now, as the losses mount, and the Nuggets season spirals downward, McDyess himself is saying that he may sit out the rest of the season.

“You kind of start thinking, ‘Will it be worth coming back, trying to rush back?’ ” McDyess said recently. “I want to come back pain-free. If it’s still not pain-free in February, I am wondering whether it will be worth it. We don’t have a winning record. I am trying to think positive still, but I am just always thinking about my career. “I’m not saying I am not coming back or trying to make a decision not to come back. I want to come back this year. I want to come back healthy and strong.”

Nuggets officials have been surprised by these statements. Stories about Antonio’s increasing health continue, as he had his first pain-free dunk not too long ago, and participated in a full practice with the team this past week. If Antonio does not return this year, it will truly be a lost season from a fan’s perspective. I would love to see how good the team could be again with his return, even if it’s only for the last 20 games in another season without making the playoffs.

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