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McDyess Update – Better News

January 27th, 2002 by aswitzer

Good news Nuggets fans – Antonio McDyess played in a scrimmage on Saturday and now feels that he can definitely be back this February. He said he had a “good alley-oop dunk, but another time I tried to dunk and couldn’t make it to the rim.” Several Nuggets commented that he was unstoppable in practice and looked better than most guys expected he would. The best news was that he had no pain after the practice was over, in his surgically repaired left knee.

I know that some of you have commented that it would be better for our draft pick this summer to not have McDyess play until next season. Even though I’m optimistic about McDyess’s return and impact on the Nuggets, I don’t think he will end up hurting our draft position that much. I’d rather see the Nuggets as a team shed some of the bad vibes around this season and build on something positive going into next year.

New Nuggets poll: Should Antonio come back this year?  

In related IR news, Tariq Abdul-Wahad’s left knee has finally healed from orthoscopic surgery and his is expected back very soon – possibly as early as Tuesday’s game against Miami. Tariq has been out since Nov. 24th, and was initially expected back in 3-4 weeks.

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4 Responses to “McDyess Update – Better News”

  1. Wavatar aaron Says:

    I have so many mixed feelings about his return… I miss him. The nuggets aren´t as fun to watch without him. They get beat canstantly down in the paint.Raef is sad about losing now too, and wants mcdyess back…

    On the flip side… the nugz are in line to get a great draft pick, whether its gooden, wagner, Williams or Duhon. Even the giant chinese guy could be a great player (The potential Shawn Bradley type player scares me)… This is very talented draft… Amare Stoudemire could also be a star. Raef could continue to gain some independence as a player as well. I think its good for him to play without dice. Its made him more vocal, and more of a leader. Although his stats don´t show it, he´s become a better offensive player too.

    I just hope the nugz stay together with the exception of their rather large loss of FA´s this summer. I´d like to see lenard re-sign, and give us another threat from the outside. I want to see dice play some this year… but at what cost will it be to the nuggets in the future??? Will it give them confidense going into next year… or will it do nothing more than ruin there draft if they do win with dice? And if they do stay in the bottom of the lottery with dice, i really have to worry about them. Nick will be gone for sure if the nugz don´t screw themselves out of the lottery with dice´s return… And dice will follow nick out.

  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    It’s a talented draft – but it’s a small draft. Most of the top picks are going to be forwards, and lots of high quality guards.

    I think McDyess coming back will help us win a few games, but not a ton more. I think this is to be expected, but I do expect to get steadily better the remainder of the season. We’ve been averaging 3-4 wins a month lately, and even if we double that, we’re going to still be at the bottom of the league. I really noticed how much I missed McDyess in our loss to Miami the other night – we could nothing but outside shots off in overtime, and other than Raef’s three, we missed nearly all of them. The Nuggets need a post-up guy bad, and McDyess is their man.

    Back to the point at hand. I think Nick is going to leave no matter what. I think Antonio will improve the team but his impact will come slowly as he gets back into full playing shape. I think the best scenario is that we finish with around 20 wins, Nick brings in a quality big-body via trade (Mark Jackson maybe?) Antonio is back at full strength, and we get Stoudemire, Williams, or Duhon to replace Nick at the point, and back-up Avery next season. Optimistic, but possible.

  3. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Antonio announced today that he is targeting the Feb. 12th game against the Celtics for his return. Ready or not, here he comes!

  4. Wavatar aaron Says:

    I’m excited to see him back… it will be fun. I hope we still get a high lottery pick.

    I say draft gooden, williams, or Wagner. These three are gonna be stars. If its evident that McDyess will leave for sure, Gooden is our guy (and who better to teach gooden than Dice for his 1st year, and Kiki for his career?) Williams and Wagner will be extremely good guards in 1 or two years. I can’t say at this time who we should draft… Nothing is certain on the nuggets right now, but thats what we got kiki for…

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