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At the All-Star Break

February 7th, 2002 by aswitzer

With the win against Portland here in Denver Tuesday night, the Nuggets have reached the symbolic half-way point in the season, as teams break for All-Star Weekend in Philadelphia.

Rather than lamenting about a sour and frustrating first half to the season, I would rather chat about the latest Nuggets News:

  1. Nick’s assist-ance

    Have you noticed Nick has taken to passing the ball a lot more in the past few games? About 5 games ago Nick told the local media that people were complaining that he shoots the ball too much and isn’t a true point guard. Not sure who told him that, but Nick is determined to get a trade worked out and will do anything at this point to improve his stock. His assists have shot up, with 4 games above his 8.2 assist-per-game average, which is currently 8th in the league. With Nick passing more, he’s shooting a lot less, and Coach Mike Evans is practically begging Nick to shoot more in most games. Luckily, Raef has picked up some of the slack and has been scoring in bunches lately.

  2. Antonio’s Return

    Antonio has announced that he plans to return February 12th, against Boston. So far, no one has disagreed with this date, and it looks very likely that the first game after the All-Star break will be his first game of the season. My daughter Ashley and I arrived early for the Portland game and for about 20 minutes we watched Antonio workwith all 4 coaches on his post-up moves around the paint. He was the only Nugget on the court for the entire time. In a word, he looked good, and I can’t wait for his first game back.

  3. Trading Raef

    Circling rumors about potential trades for Raef LaFrentz are one of the hottest topics in the NBA these days. It seems nearly every team would love to get there hands on him, as he leads the league in blocked shots this season, and has the ability to rebound and hit the three. So, why don’t the Nuggets want to hang onto him then? According to the local media, the Nuggets feel they won’t be able to afford to sign Raef to the maximum contract he will want at the end of this season, let alone match the other offers that teams will make. I don’t pretend to understand all the nuances of NBA finances these days, especially with the new luxury tax, but I do know that Kroenke is a very rich man. Why not pay to hang onto a rising star?

    It sounds like most potential trades that the Nuggets are offering to interested teams all involve tying in either Nick or Tariq and their high priced contracts. Most teams aren’t biting on this part of the deal though.

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One Response to “At the All-Star Break”

  1. Wavatar Bob Parker Says:

    I write as "papabobb" a fan site of the Dallas Mavericks.
    In Dallas there is nothing but rave reviews regarding the trade.
    We like everybody we got. I am also very happy to get rid of Tim Hardaway. The downside for Dallas is the luxury tax.
    It appears that Denver is rebuilding. Harvey could be a big plus. Howard, you have for only one year. Hardaway, you are stuck for 3 years. Anyone there believe that we can get Tariq back to playing like he once did?

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