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Antonio Iffy for Celtics

February 11th, 2002 by aswitzer

The latest news after Monday’s practice is that Antonio is unsure about playing against the Celtics. Looks like the best case scenario is that he will not start, but play a few 5-6 minute stints during the game. I’ll be there, so I hope to report on Antonio’s first minutes of the year. Antonio reported after the practice that “I still feel pain when I stop or slow down. Otherwise, I’m OK running and jumping. My conditioning is not where it needs to be.” McDyess had ice on his knee after the workout.

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2 Responses to “Antonio Iffy for Celtics”

  1. Wavatar Mark Adkins Says:

    I was listening and not believing what Jerry Schimmel said at the end of the game against the Celts tonight…Van Exel sounded like he was just moping around even when he came in to the game and was throwing up some wild shots ( I didn’t see the game – only heard it!) and he procedes to egg the crowd on with that patented behavior (Remember his days with the Lakers…).
    Nick is a great player, don’t get me wrong, but hey Kiki, enough is enough – Get him out of town – try and keep Raef and let’s get this franchise back where it was when English and Mutomobo were in town..

  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    First of all, no Antonio. He was dressed in a turtleneck and slacks at the beginning of the game after he pronounced himself unfit to play after today’s shootaround. He said his knee felt tender today after Monday’s practice.

    Mark – as for your comments on Nick, you have it about right. I was at the game and Coach Evans sat Nick on the bench and started Avery tonight – who had a great game by the way. I heard that Nick was late to Monday’s practice – his second infraction in the past few weeks.
    The crowd got unruly in the 4th quarter when a good, close game suddenly got out of hand and Nick missed several shots late. The crowd was booing the Nuggets but singling out Nick in particular and he definitely egged on the crowd at the very end of the 4th. Just like when he was with the Lakers. I’m not going to boo the guy, but I don’t pity a guy who can’t find happiness making 10 mil a year.

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