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A message to Kiki Vandeweghe

February 17th, 2002 by aswitzer

Nick Van Exel needs a trade out of Denver. I’m ready for him to go, because he’s already given up on the Nuggets and I think most fans are ready to. Unfortunately though, Nick is a tough guy to trade. He’s talented, but he’s got a high-priced contract and he’s shown a certain penchant for run-ins with referees, stormy relationships with his coaches, and a general malcontent attitude. Here’s a guy that wanted off of the winning Lakers because of his dwindling playing time, and now wants off of the Nuggets because he hates losing. That last quality is a good one, but a poor excuse to give up on a bad season with a team that was improving and is missing it’s #1 star – McDyess.

So trade Nick before he really loses his patience. The problem is that most teams are dying to have us throw Raef LaFrentz into their proposed trades. Here’s where I have the problem. Raef is having his best season of his young NBA career – when we needed him to step up without Antonio around. Raef’s game goes well with Antonio, a great shotblocker, another strong rebounder, and a guy who would love to take his man outside and shoot the three over him while Antonio posts up inside.

How many guys have we given up over the years that are now making strong contributions in the starting line-up of other teams. Chauncey Billups, Keon Clark, Danny Fortson, Bobby Jackson, Jeff McInnis, Rodney Rogers, Jalen Rose are a few that come to mind, and the list goes on and on. Do we really want to add Raef LaFrentz to that list?

Please hang on to Raef and see what this team can do next year with a high draft pick, and a healthy Antonio McDyess back in the mix.

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