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The Big Trade – starting over, yet again

February 21st, 2002 by aswitzer

The Nuggets/Mavs 7 player trade became official shortly after Thursday’s trading deadline expired. Here’s the details:

Nick Van Exel
Raef LaFrentz
Avery Johnson
Tariq Abdul-Wahad


Juwan Howard
Donell Harvey
Tim Hardaway
Dallas’s 2002 #1 pick
Cash to fill Silent Stan’s already large coffers

There is also a rumor of James Posey going to Miami. Note: this turned out to not be true.

What the heck is Kiki thinking? Unfortunately, I think I know the answer but I just don’t like it – he’s preparing to reshape the team into his vision. Does he expect to land Tim Duncan or Tracy McGrady in an upcoming free agent bonanza? Not sure, but he’s sure giving up on a lot of Nuggets talent that had a pretty good season last year when McDyess was healthy. LaFrentz and Posey have been getting better every year of their young NBA careers, but now they may just be doing it for other teams.

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7 Responses to “The Big Trade – starting over, yet again”

  1. Wavatar Ca Says:

    I considered myself a Nuggets fan for years, but this latest trade is the last nail in the coffin for me. This was a horrible trade. The Mavs got better, the Nuggets got worse. Worse is not what the Nuggets needed. Honestly, at this point, for all I care, the Nuggets could pack up and leave town, and I wouldn’t care less. The Nuggets have supplanted the Clippers as the most pathetic NBA team.

  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    This hardest thing about this trade is the emotional factor. The trade that Kiki pulled off does not bring in the equivalent of talent and exciting players for what we gave off, even this is what he intended to do. The plan, is to rebuild, yet again (which most of us are sick of – as a friend put tonight, we’ve been rebuilding since Doug Moe left) and this trade was designed to clear tons of salary cap room in the next two years. The crappy part is that we fans have to put up with a horrible team during the next two years. I already suffered thru the Hanzlik season just a few years ago.

  3. Wavatar T-Sharrk Says:

    The Nuggets didn’t just become the Clippers – they became the post-Jordan Bulls. Unless they snag the #1 pick in the lottery in one or more of the upcoming drafts and get an absolute stud, it could be 4-5 years from respectability. I don’t blame Kiki, though. I blame Dan Missel, who was a lousy GM and an even worse coach who got us into this situation. Maybe the $$$ saved and gained in this trade can be shuffled over to the Avalanche so Pierre Lacroix can go get us another Stanley Cup.

  4. Wavatar Allen Says:

    Yes, my heart sank when I saw THE TRADE tonight but then I started feeling much better when I considered what a favor that idiot K.V. did for Nick and Raef. I`ll definitely be rooting for the Mavs to take it all now. Oh yeah, I`m glad the Little General escaped, too!

  5. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Yeah, I’m going to be at the Nuggets/Mavs game on March 3rd. Should be humorous, and I predict the Mavs will be us by at least 30 points. I’ll miss Avery – I was all set to write an article about how he was the unexpected Nuggets MVP so far this year.

    As Allen said, I’ll be rooting for the newest Ex-Nuggets that we’ll be seeing thru-out the year.

  6. Wavatar Ross Says:

    I just stumbled across your site and I’m impressed. You do a good job and are a commited fan to a struggling team. I don’t follow the NBA much anymore but it’s good to see there is dedicated fans out there. I’m from the Cleveland area and I watch tons of people fluxuate whether or not they like the Cavs (I never like them, heh heh). Anyways, I’m rambling. I hope the restructuring goes well and you finally get a good team soon. Denver has had a lot of good chances but it never seems to get all together at the same time. Hopefully Antonio will give you a good show come March! Kudos to you and you dedication!

  7. Wavatar John Says:

    Why should I continue to be a long term season ticket holder? After about 12 years I have had enough. One attemps to see young players develop and hope for the playoffs. Unlike most of Denver sports fans (and media), I remember that Doug Moe often did not get past the first round of the playoffs and there were not sellouts. I am tired of the Denver Nugget’s "good ole boy" school of management viewed through the eyes of the "good ole boy" media. No one admits the true problems with the Nuggets.
    1. What Denver coach has come from a winning NBA tradition?
    2. What Denver coach has a "definded" game approach-what the hell is the running game?
    3. We have not had an adequate GM since the trade that got rid of Kiki
    When are we going to get a coach with the ability to "manage" and motivate players.

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