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That’s a wrap!

April 17th, 2002 by aswitzer

With a 90-104 loss to the playoff bound T-Wolves, that wraps up the 2001-2002 Nuggets season. What a crazy, long, and somewhat frustrating season it was. As a long-time Nuggets fan, one has to search out the bright spots, and sometimes look hard for the positives when summing up the season.

We do have some talented youngsters, which we’ve had a chance to see a lot of in the past month. Some of them may actually stick with a hopefully improved roster next year and make an impact when we are playing games that actually matter again. Coach Mike Evans did an excellent job of getting his team to play hard each and every night, long after there was any hope of playing for anything other than pride. I don’t think we will see him next year as Kiki will probably go with a fresh face, but… I think he at least proved he can coach in this league and hopefully will have a future somewhere instead of getting banished like Bill Hanzlik did.

I have lots of other thoughts and opinions on the future of the Nuggets, which I will be sharing when time permits in the coming months of the offseason. Until then, enjoy the playoffs and dream of the Nuggets being in the mix next year. If you have thoughts or a question, send an email or click on the Comment link at the end of this entry.

What do you in Kiki have in store for us fans next year, Stan?

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