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Kiki ranks #23 in ESPN GM list

September 15th, 2002 by aswitzer

In a new ESPN GM ranking list, Kiki ranks #23 out of 29 total GM’s. On the positive side, they summarize Kiki as having a plan in place with Skiti and Nene coming from this years draft. However, only the Suns, Blazers, Knicks, Cavs, Warriors, and Wizards GM’s currently rank lower. How do you feel Nuggets fans? Sound off by adding a comment to this entry, or by voting in a new poll. To find the poll, scroll down and look on the left side.

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One Response to “Kiki ranks #23 in ESPN GM list”

  1. Wavatar Dan Says:

    Espn ranked Kiki as #23, but in an adjacent article he is listed as one of 5 gm’s that have done well. Which is it? For the record, I like the moves. I think our team will exciting, although I think our win loss will be awful. The team at the end of last year was one of my favorite Nuggs teams ever. They played hard, won the last 5 or 6 at home, and most importantly, embarrased Utah with our reserves. They had less talent every night but still played hard. Thats all I want. If summer is an indication, hopefully we will do that every night.

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