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Rodney White added to the mix

October 4th, 2002 by aswitzer

Rodney White officially joined the Nuggets on Tuesday. He was quoted as saying that he has no problem joining a last place team, as he looks forward to a chance to prove he can play in this league (which he really didn’t get in Dallas) and he is excited that Kiki already believes enough in him to go get him in a trade.

Anyone know much more about him?

I hope he turns out to be something like Harvey. I wasn’t too excited about Harvey being a part of the Dallas trade last year with his bad press and minimal stats, but he turned out to have some great low post skills and he played his butt off whenever he got into games last year.

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2 Responses to “Rodney White added to the mix”

  1. Wavatar robert williams Says:

    I think Denver will be a pretty stellar team with Howard,Camby,White,Satterfield. I believe what Rodney will bring to the Nuggets table will help turn the Nuggets around tremendously. I think if Denver is patient and give up some meaningful minutes to White, I think they will be happy with him. Denver follow Kiki he knows the way

  2. Wavatar Matt Cornell Says:

    The Denver Nuggets might want to bve interested in Jason Williams of the Memphis Grizzlies. Why? because Jason’s is unhappy playing with the Memphis Grizzlies. I got this information from a inside source and just wanted you to tell the Nuggets management about this. He will be willing to come to Denver.

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