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Sad news for McDyess fans

October 13th, 2002 by aswitzer

Even though he now plays for the Knicks, I was still hoping to see Antonio McDyess have a great year. It wasn’t going to be about proving the Nuggets wrong, because the trade was made for the future, not for this year, and now that there’s been some time, I feel it was a good move by Kiki. I just hate to see another Nuggets PF have a freak knee injury derail a very promising career. It’s the curse that struck down LaPhonso Ellis all over again.

With just under two minutes to go in a meaningless New York preseason game, McDyess dunked a ball from under the basket and went down clutching his left knee. The same left knee that kept him out for 72 of the 82 games last year, from a eerily similar type of play for Denver. It initially was called a hyperextension of the knee, but an MRI on Sunday revealed a fracture. When and if McDyess recovers, will he ever be able to dunk a basketball again without fearing the landing?

Hmmm, hate to read about this as it knocks down my opinion of McDyess a notch. Read what McDyess had to say in New York, right after Camby’s surgery, and the very same day he reinjured his own knee.

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