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Nuggets roster changes again

December 19th, 2002 by aswitzer

Another long time (if 3 seasons can be considered a long time) Nuggets player has been traded. The banner I made last year is now officially devoid of relevance to the current Nuggets roster. Argh.

Kiki, I know its all about clearing cap room for next year, and getting something for an upcoming free agent that would have probably tested the market, but at some point the fans need stability also. Not sure if Posey was the answer, but he was a stand up guy that played hard, always had great defense, and had added more offense to his game each year. The guys we get in this trade are just baggage to go with future picks, no? It’s also about completely clearing the slate of the roster Issel handed you, isn’t it? Well, for better or worse, it’s been done.

Now, can we go back to building this young team and getting familiar with who the heck plays for the Nuggets these days? We do need to win a few games this year, somehow, or no worthy free agents will want to sign here next year, even if you do have $20 million to offer them…

In other news, Kenny Satterfield was waived today. Why? If someone out there knows – pass it on or add a comment to this entry. I know he wasn’t the best PG in the world, but he was athletic, fun to watch, and learning how to play in this league. Whitney could use a little help (no offense to Harrington who’s doing the best he can) or his sore ankles will never heal.

For more, read this Denver Post article.

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