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Offseason Dream

January 27th, 2003 by aswitzer

Nuggets fans have had to wait and watch other teams in the playoffs since 1995 – when the Nuggs were swept in the first round of the playoffs by the San Antonio Spurs.

Well, with the possibilites of the upcoming offseason, it’s okay to dream.

Consider this:

With $26 million in salary cap space this summer, the Nuggets could sign two marquee free agents to maximum contracts. Hmmm, how about PG Jason Kidd and F Tim Duncan, or F Elton Brand? Before you laugh out loud at the magnitude of my dream, consider the fact that Kidd did not discount the possibility of playing in Denver, as reported in the Denver Post today. Kidd said that the Nuggets have a great facility, they’ve had past success, and they have a home court advantage with the alititude. He’ll have a first-hand reminder tonight. Landing a guy like Kidd makes the possibility of second top-tier player that much more likely.

Then, with a little luck, the Nuggets roll the lottery dice and wind up with the #1 pick. Say hello to LeBron James.

Suddenly, you are looking at a 2003-2004 line-up of:

PG – Jason Kidd
SG – LeBron James
SF – Donnell Harvey
PF – Tim Duncan/Elton Brand
C – Nene Hilario/Marcus Camby


If Duncan can’t be talked into leaving San Antonio, and Elton is unattainable, I would love to see the Nuggets pursue Howard. He’s not worth a maximum deal, but he is definitely worth pursuing with his professional attitude and the proven ability to score and rebound – 17.4 and 8.2 a game.

What do you think, Nuggets fans?

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