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Free Agency Guide

June 29th, 2003 by aswitzer

All right Nuggets fans, here is your handy guide to the next important phase for the Nuggets this offseason.

Free Agency begins Tuesday, July 1st, and Kiki can start signing new Nuggets on July 16th. The Nuggets have about $18 million to spend on free agents and hope to sign at least two high profile veterans to fill needs at center and point-guard.

Current Nuggets Free Agents

Players in blue are restricted, which means the Nuggets have 15 days to match the contract of another team.

  • Juwan Howard
  • Donnell Harvey
  • Chris Andersen
  • Adam Harrington
  • Junion Harrington
  • Jeff Trepagnier
  • Shammond Williams

Nuggets Wish List

Players in blue are restricted, that player’s team has 15 days to match the contract offer of the Nuggets.

  • Gilbert Arenas
  • Juwan Howard
  • P. J. Brown
  • Speedy Claxton
  • Jason Kidd
  • Andre Miller
  • Lamar Odom
  • Corey Maggette
  • Alonzo Mourning
  • Michael Okowokandi
  • Tyronn Lue

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3 Responses to “Free Agency Guide”

  1. Wavatar Luke Johnson Says:

    Ok let me tell you something. I am not a Denver fan! But, this could be a huge improvement. Anyways, everyone get out of Melo’s way cuz’ he’s leading this team to victory. Forget going after Kidd and get him Gilbert Arenas, get Olowakandi, and Maggette to play the two, go after P.J to come off the bench as sixth man and teach young Nene maturity, pick up Speedy and someone like Derrick Coleman and you’ve got yourself a solid contender. So nugget fans tell Kiki to stop relicking over Kidd, and Mourning(we never know!) and build a young and already solid dynasty around mr. Melo!

  2. Wavatar Robin Friday Says:

    Luke — hell of team you put together. And what are you planning on paying them with? Monopoly money? Speedy, here is five hundred and Park Place. You have them signing SIX free agents. They are $18 million under the cap and Arenas wants $9 million of that. So you have $9 million to sign five of the top free agents — I don’t know why I just wasted my time explaining that — back to the real world. It’s looking more and more like Miller and Maggette or Miller and Olowakandi. I’d love to see Arenas and Maggette, but can Camby play center — I mean can he stay healthy? That is a hell of a team — Arenas, Maggette, Anthony, Nene, and Camby. I’m still a fan of Rodney White and though I don’t think they should sign Alonzo — their best team for next year (not the future) could be Arenas, White, Anthony, Nene, and Mourning w/ Camby off the bench

  3. Wavatar aswitzer Says:


    Yes, Luke was a bit out of control, but my guess is he was poking fun at the fact that we still need a lot of help to be a contender next year.

    I agree that a solid two is all we can expect to sign this year, but I do think that we can really increase the team’s standing by doing that. I like Miller and Mourning. Miller is solid (watched him play 4 years in the WAC) and can get the job done. Mourning is a health risk I’m willing to take. He’s already pissed at Miami right now for not making him an offer yet, so I like our chances. Or, I’d be happy to resign Juwan and have him and Nene share the backcourt responsibilities again. Oh, hey, and Skita is 7’1 now and gained 25 pounds or so over the summer. I’ll be posting more about that soon…

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