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Free Agent Update – offers extended!

July 14th, 2003 by aswitzer

There are lots of conflicting reports, but the word is that the Nuggets have extended offers in the past few days to two players:

Corey Magette – 6 year, $42 million

Andre Miller – 6 year, $55 million

According to some reports, both players have committed to the Nuggets, but each offer can also be matched by their current teams (LA Clippers) and some people are saying that the Maggette report is not accurate.

So, I’ll believe it when Wednesday, July 16th arrives, and players can begin to officially sign with teams.

IF both players do end up signing with the Nuggets, you would be looking at our new shooting guard and point guard for next year. Alongside a frontcourt of Anthony, Skita/Camby, and Nene, well things are suddenly looking pretty good for next year. By the way, I was complaining about Skita quite a bit at the end of the year last season, but the word is that he’s now 7’1, gained 25 pounds of muscle, and is playing much more confident basketball after working hard during the offseason!

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3 Responses to “Free Agent Update – offers extended!”

  1. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Validity is growing to the claim that Magette will actually be signing with the Utah Jazz.

  2. Wavatar cambrad Says:

    hey alan, I was wondering if you have heard about ? It’s a strictly denver nuggets message board, with around 250 members. Lots of activity. If you haven’t looked at it, you really should. Also, when you gonna get some new faces up, like nene and carmelo?

  3. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    I’ve never posted there, but I’ve visited the board. I know "rock" pretty well. I’ll try to get back there and sign up, and I’ll also be finally setting up a new board here at

    Actually, I’m glad someone finally called me on the fact that the site’s look needs to be updated. My goal is to get it done before the new season starts – its way past time! 🙂

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