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It’s official – Meet Andre Miller new Nuggets PG!

August 1st, 2003 by aswitzer
Andre Miller
Illustration credit: Denver Post/Andrew Lucas

It’s Miller time, Nuggets fans.

Although I was a huge fan of Junior Harrington last year, it was based more on his effort than his talent. Miller is the first legitimate point guard the Nuggets have had since Van Exel left town bitterly in Feb. 2002. The Nuggets have used 10 guys in the point guard since then, with little success.

Andre Miller is a huge upgrade and has the chance to not only do well, but be among the best at his position. Why you ask? Because he’s done it before. Although I would bet that many a casual NBA fan didn’t realize it, Miller led the NBA in assists per game while in Cleveland the 2001-2002 season with 10.9 per game. Yes, last year was a down year – maybe he didn’t like LA. This is a new year, and I predict good things for him in Denver, which means good things for the Nuggets.

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