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Boykins signs multi-year deal

August 19th, 2003 by aswitzer

Say hello to our back-up point guard – Earl Boykins. You may walk right by him in the streets of Denver, (heck, you might tower over him) never suspecting that he was an NBA player.

Earl checks in at 5-5, 133 pounds, making him the tiniest player in the NBA currently.

Don’t snicker though – this guy can play. He single-handidly destroyed the Nuggets in the 4th quarter of several games last year. The Nuggets weren’t the only ones – he scored 10 or more points in the 4th quarter of 12 games last year, and his team (Golden State Warriors) was 10-2 in those games.

Boykins will be a great change of pace from Andre Miller’s more controlled game and tempo – he will present interesting challenges to the other team’s strategy and gives us a true running game point guard.

I’m excited about this signing. What do you think Nuggets fans?

3 Responses to “Boykins signs multi-year deal”

  1. Wavatar Ian Jones Says:

    Earl is AWESOME. Earls my fav player. His home town is Cleveland(around me) and he use to play 4 the cavs, but im glad someone got smart and signed him for a long term deal. He’ll be backin up his old Team mate Andre Miller. When Earl was little his dad would carry him into a gym to play bball in a duffel bag so he wouldnt have to pay 4 him. The Cavs opener is gonna be a big one, CARMELLO vs. LeBron then EX Cavs Point Gaurds vs Cavs, Theyre gonna show why tradin Andre for Darius Miles was a bad idea, and for never signin Earl for a long time deal.

  2. Wavatar Dan Sangster Says:

    Earl Boykins is awsome, he doesn’t need the extra feet, he’s working with pure talent. he’s inspiring to alot of basket ball players who get dicouraged by people sterotyping him as being to small to be a baller. He proves hes worked hard to get where he is and deserves it. Look at how many points he gets in the short time he’s on the court. Boykins is my favorite ball player in the NBA. Im a fan of Earl all the way.

  3. Wavatar Kali Says:

    Earl Boykins is so cool. He my fav. I went to see his game before he broke his arm,lol

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