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Best start at home in 13 years!

November 28th, 2003 by aswitzer

That’s right Nuggets fans. A new season, a new attitude, a few key new players and suddenly the Nuggets are off to their best home record since the 1989-1990 season – 6 wins, 1 loss.

Coach Bzdelik wanted to get the Nuggets running last year, but he just didn’t have the players for it. (The last couple of coaches had the same problem also) This year, Miller and Boykins are making it happen, and guys like Anthony, Nene, Elson, and Andersen are running the floor to receive their passes. By the 4th quarter many teams, even the good ones, are just buried by the altitude and young Nuggets legs.

A perfect example is the recent game against Phoenix here in Denver. Remember – the Suns were the 8th seed in the Western Conference playoffs last year. The Nuggets outscored the Suns every quarter, but by 11 and 12 points in the third and fourth quarters, for a 30 point domination. The Suns went on to beat Dallas the next night by 31, once they were back in Phoenix. Nuggets foes are scared of coming to Denver again, just like they were in the 80’s. Okay, maybe too early to make this bold of a statement, but I think consultant Doug Moe (and Coach of the 80’s teams) is the happiest he has been with this team in awhile!

On the lighter side:

“It was 5,280 (feet). Coach (Jeff Bzdelik) puts that on the board before each (home) game . . . I didn’t know what it was at first. I thought it was an address.”
— F Carmelo Anthony, in the Nov. 26 Rocky Mountain News, on learning about Denver’s altitude and the reaction foes have to it

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4 Responses to “Best start at home in 13 years!”

  1. Wavatar Die Hard Hansen Says:

    Living in Raleigh, NC Nuggets coverage is slim at best. I can’t tell you how much I miss the beloved mountains of Colorado and the Nuggets of Denver.

    It’s coming around Twizzler….just like we knew it would one day.

    HUGE props to you for maintaining this site and keeping the faith.

    Next stop…..playoffs BABY!!!


  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    The success is that much sweeter when you’ve stood by your team the whole time! They are definitely on a roll this year – looking better and better every game. I love the whole new attitude that the new guys are bringing – Anthony, Miller, Boykins, Barry, Elson!

    I started the season believing that we were still another year away from a shot at the playoffs, but lately its hard to see why it couldn’t be this year. Still a long ways to go, but this team has the confidence and the talent to make it happen!

  3. Wavatar Zach Fields Says:

    Hey Alan,

    I enjoy your site, keep up the good work. I’m in Upstate New York so I’ve seen the effect of Carmelo for a little while too. Powder Blue #15 jerseys are all over the place.

    BTW, I sent you an email to get some more info on the site. If you could reply that would help me out a lot, Thanks a lot

    Take Care


  4. Wavatar RipItUp32 Says:

    The way they’re playing NOW, before the All-Star break, is astounding. And people, they can only get better from here. I wouldn’t be suprised if they made the playoffs in either the eighth or even SEVENTH playoff spot! (oh wouldnt that be something if they could knock off the Lakers in the first round!)

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