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Nuggets need to make a change

November 10th, 2004 by jmaness

This promising year for the Nuggets is on the verge of becoming a disappointment. There needs to be a change. The most obvious change is the head coach. The head coach should be responsible for getting his team ready to play every day and that hasn’t occured. Jeff Bzdelik was able to bring out the most in his players his first two years as head coach and was able to bring the most out of teams with less talent. Now he has a group of players with talent and he isn’t able to make them play as a team. He doesnt trust his younger players (R White, Melo, Skita and Dermarr Johnson) and has used his older players as a crutch (Vo, MC and EB). This has created seperation in the team and has caused his team to lose faith in him. Bzdelik has lost the backing of the management and now the respect of the players, who have given up on him. This team needs a leader on the bench, who has the respect of his players and knows how to play to his team’s strength. Most importantly the Nuggets need a coach who teaches them how to play as a team. Hopefully this is all Michael Cooper, he has already won the players, he just needs to teach them to play as a team and to trust each other.

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6 Responses to “Nuggets need to make a change”

  1. Wavatar 76ersfan Says:

    I agree with Joe Williams (950AM KKFN) the Nuggets do not have enough white players to make a difference. they lose Jon Barry, Chris Anderson and Ryan Bowen. the players that are left do not have real NBA IQ.

  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    You don’t have to be white to have basketball IQ. Are you ignorant or just fishing for repsonses? David Robinson had a 1600 on his SAT’s and he was the captain of the Spurs for many years, with another intelligent guy taking his place, by the name of Tim Duncan.

    However, I will agree with you partly – the Nuggets don’t have a real smart team this year. I think they do miss a guy like Barry the most, who was a playmaker and a crafty veteran. Not sure if Bryon Russell quite fills those shoes, even if he has been playing well in limited minutes.

  3. Wavatar 76ersfan Says:


    How could you make a comment that I am either "ignorant or just fishing for responses" when your response completely proves my point?

  4. Wavatar nocoast719 Says:

    I cannot believe the comments that the two of you and your confused souls have posted. To address “76ersfan”, I really see no point; you are obviously a bigot in every sense of the word. I don’t believe there is any point in trying to penetrate the pool of ignorance that you choose to swim in. As for “aswitzer”, I appreciate that you acknowledged that there is no relationship between a man’s color of skin and his IQ. I am however disgusted, for the fact that you agreed w/ the fascist “76ersfan” on any level; all that did is discredit everything intelligent that you said in your response. I hope that the future for the two of you holds some kind of educational enlightenment.

  5. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    That’s a little harsh, nocoast719. I was trying to shift the focus back to basketball, which this website is dedicated too. Yes, the person in question appears to be a bigot with a comment like that, but you don’t have to drag me down into it just because I agreed with the person about some minute point about the Nuggets basketball team. Besides, my response did nothing to prove his/her point as they claimed, so I chose to ignore the further bait.

  6. Wavatar 76ersfan Says:

    Now I ask you doesnt Andre Miller look and sound like a young Richard Pryor?

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