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Bzdelik out and Cooper In

December 30th, 2004 by jmaness

I like many Nuggets fans were waiting for this change of coaches. Jeff Bzdelik may someday get another chance as a coach and I wish him the best of luck in the future. He has worked hard for the Nuggets franchise and has done a lot in his three years in Denver. He had his team playing hard every night and remained competitive, no matter whom they were facing or what the score was.

But saying all that it was time for change. The management turned their back on Bzdelik and many of the players didn’t respect him. It wasn’t because he was a bad coach, but it was his experience in the NBA and hopefully with a new team they will see what he did with the Nuggets and how hard he had them work and will give him a chance. Also, he will learn from his mistakes he has made in Denver and make sure they don’t happen again.

Bzdelik was in a lose-lose situation, he was hired on as a coach/teacher who would develop the Nuggets young players (Nene, Nikoloz Tskitishvili, Rodney White and Carmelo Anthony) into the next Dirk Nowitzki or Kevin Garnett and when they are developed Kiki Vandeweghe could lure a coach like Larry Brown, George Karl or Phil Jackson to coach the Nuggets.

Sadly this didn’t occur and Bzdelik turned his back on developing and into winning (which isn’t such a bad thing). By winning he was guaranteed money in 2004 and a good chance as the Nuggets coach in 2004, but with winning he didn’t get an extension. No matter which way he went with the Nuggets there was a slim chance he was going to be the Nuggets coach after his contract ran out and this was obvious with the signing of Michael Cooper as an assistant.

Bzdelik had no backing from the management when he had to deal with Anthony. Anthony has an attitude of superstar and the maturity of a teenager. That is bad news for any coach, especially one in Bzdelik’s shoes. A no-name coach can’t punish a player who was pretty much given the keys to Denver. After the Nuggets stuttered to a slow start of the season Bzdelik was shown the door and Cooper was given the job of turning the team around.

It was pretty much guaranteed that Michael Cooper was going to be the new coach and he comes into the job with the respect of the players. He has experience coaching, even though it is just in the WNBA and knows how to win wherever he is. He won with the Lakers and with the WNBA team LA Sparks. He gives the Nuggets team a chance to win and gives the Nuggets players hope for a championship.

If there is a coach who can coach Anthony it’s Cooper. Larry Brown couldn’t and Bzdelik couldn’t, but Cooper is different than both. Anthony grew up watching him play and watching him win. Anthony like anybody who grew up watching the Lakers wanted to be part of the Primetime Lakers. Cooper gives Anthony his chance and hopefully Anthony will listen to Cooper.

Like I said, if there is a perfect coach for Anthony it could be Cooper. As a Nuggets fan I can just hope. If Cooper isn’t, look at the likes of Phil Jackson, Mike Brown, George Karl and Avery Johnson’s names to pick up, but I believe Kiki will give Coach Coop every chance to succeed.

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8 Responses to “Bzdelik out and Cooper In”

  1. Wavatar 76ersfan Says:

    I agree with your assessment of one, Carmela Anthony. He should be traded. He doesnt fit in well with our community or with the team. He doesnt have the humility of an Alex English. A Tom Jackson. or a Terrell Davis. Anthony is just like most NBA, NFL and MLB athletes these days. They dont know how well they have it. And they dont know their place.

  2. Wavatar Jonathan Maness Says:

    I never said trade Carmelo. You need to realize Carmelo is young, how much older were English, Jackson and TD when they were drafted? They were 22 when they entered the league, Carmelo right now is just 20 and is still learning. I was just as immature as Melo when I was 20, except I didnt have millions of dollars, hordes of woman and I also didnt have to carry a franchise.

  3. Wavatar Jonathan Maness Says:

    When you said he doesnt fit in well with our community you obviously dont get out much. Look around Denver at charities and stores. Anthony has the biggest name in Colorado sports, because of what he does on and off the court. He has developed charities off the court and gives the Nuggets franchise hope of winning on the court. So I ask you this: Where would the Nuggets be without Anthony? Look at their record before you answer that question and than tell me your answer.

  4. Wavatar 76ersfan Says:

    I just dont think that Anthony is fundamentally sound. But most of the NBA players show little or no fundamentals. (Remember the last Olympics).

    The European basketball players play the game the way it was meant to be played. They just play for the love of the game.

    The NBA players are only in it for the money (like Carmelo).

    Dont get to caught up in Carmelos people working bogus "Charity" programs. The only thing he is after is publicity. I know these people.

  5. Wavatar Jonathan Maness Says:

    You know these people, have you heard of Bill Hanzlik? You say NBA players are only in it for the money, Hanzlik wasnt and his "bogus Charity" Gold Crown Foundation was started in the 90’s and he is helping thousands of kids in Denver. Believe me I know these people too and they arent all doing bogus "Charity" programs, like you said.

  6. Wavatar Jonathan Maness Says:

    Imagine NBA players willing to help each other and imagine how many people their bogus "Charities" help.

  7. Wavatar Dave Says:

    What a class outfit??? The way Kiki treated his coach was terrible. No one would coach his horriblr team except Bzdelik and all he does is lead them into the playoffs-first time in nine years. Start looking at Kiki and some of the players he has assembled. Its his team-if they flop, its his fault. Just because a person was a good player and possibly a decent assistant G.M., doesn’t make him a GREAT GM.

  8. Wavatar lalo Says:

    yes but instead of improving or at least growing into a caliber team they were falling apart. the new additions require a new coach or a new method. he was given a chance to try to suceed at this new method he could not. coach carl will improve this team with his experience how far they go is going to depend on the players it may take time of course, but we should suceed if we don’t it is going to be a while for nuggets to win a championship they are a good team they are supposed to suceed

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