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Nuggets/Spurs playoff matchup

April 24th, 2005 by jmaness

The Nuggets got a big upset by beating the Spurs 93-87 in Game 1 on Sunday and took home court advantage the rest of the series. But they still need to play better to take the series and have a chance at making run for the Finals.
As a team they need to distribute the ball better, slow down Manu Ginobili and continue to stop Tim Duncan. They recorded 12 assists and 13 turnovers, while Ginobili went 7-15 for 23 points, four rebounds and five assists.

Marcus Camby-Nazr Mohammed
Camby had a good game for the Nuggets, recording 12 rebounds, four block shots and also helped slow down Duncan. But on the other hand Camby had trouble stopping Mohammed. Nazr recorded nine offensive rebounds and 15 points as he dominated the post. Camby also made silly mistakes with three turnovers and couldn’t hit his normal 20 ft jumper at the top of the key, but I expect that to change.

Kenyon Martin-Duncan
Duncan recorded 18 points, 11 rebounds and four assists, but the Nuggets did a great job making him work for his shots as he went 7-22. Personally, I think he’s hurting to much to lead the Spurs and that would have a big affect on the outcome of this series. On the other hand K-Mart struggled also; he went 5-14 and had five fouls.

Carmelo Anthony-Bruce Bowen
Even though Anthony only scored 14 points and six rebounds, that was a lot better than I thought he would do against the Defensive POY candidate. Melo needs to learn to pass the ball better and be more of a part of the team. He also needs to limit his fouls-five in the first game and shoot more than the two free throws he shot in game 1.

Ginobili-Dermarr Johnson
Ginobili had a great game, but watch how many steps he takes to get to the hoop. I could be wrong, but it looks like he takes four or five steps. I love Manu’s game and it will be tough to stop his competitive nature, but Johnson didn’t do to bad when he was on the floor. He had that sweet dunk in the first quarter over Duncan for that matter and was really focused on defense.

Andre Miller-Tony Parker
I thought Miller is the most underrated Nugget and he had an awesome first half (11-16) to give the Nuggets a chance to win. He also struggled in the second half though; he missed all of his shots and didn’t distribute the ball enough. I have a different opinion on Parker than Miller, I think he’s overrated. He’s quick and can beat his defenders up the court (accept Boykins) and to the basket. He also does a great job making things happen for the Spurs, but he can’t shoot from the outside. Personally, I would double down on Duncan and force him to prove he can shoot the rest of the series.

Nuggets bench-Spurs bench
The Nuggets bench played a key part on the victory as they outscored the Spurs bench, but not by a lot- 21-18. I think Nene had a big impact, scoring nine points and six rebounds. For the off-season though he needs to lose some weight he can’t quite jump with that weight. Boykins didn’t make his shots, but he hit them when they counted, while Greg Buckner and Wesley Person did a good job with their roles. For the Spurs Robert Horry scored 12 of their 18 points and was the only big factor off the bench.

George Karl-Greg Popovich
Karl is amazing, who would have thought the Nuggets would win the first game or make that amazing turnaround after that slow start- I certainly didn’t. Karl has really taught the Nuggets how to be composed when it counted and not be intimidated on enemy’s floor. That is no knock on Pop’ he really is a great coach and I expect him to have his team ready to come out and take Game 2.

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  1. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Great analysis jmaness. The Nuggets bench has been letting them down – especially Boykins and Nene. Ginobli has outshined our entire rotation at the two-guard. He’s been the difference in the series so far… suprisingly not Duncan.

    However, I still BELIEVE – go Nuggets! 🙂

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