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Sign Scottie Pippen!

February 16th, 2007 by aswitzer has reported that Scottie Pippen is interested in making a comeback to the NBA.

Link: Pippen says he wants to play for contender

He says he’s been thinking about it for the past 3 months, and is even willing to sign a 10-day contract with a team to prove he’s in NBA shape, and the left knee injury that forced him into retirement exactly three seasons ago is fully healed.

Pippen is participating in the Shooting Stars contest in Vegas this weekend, as part of the NBA All-Star weekend events. He’ll be paired with Bulls guard Ben Gordon and Candice Dupree of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky in the event.

“I’m not going to be a nonstop high-flyer like I was in my prime,” Pippen said. “But I can still run. I can still dunk. But most of all, I know the game.”

That last comment is the most intriguing to me. Who doesn’t think that Pippen could come in and improve our defense considerably by the end of this season as we prepare for a playoff push? Sure, he could demonstrate it on the court, but better yet, what if he could instill even a little of the tenacity that he had on defense into Anthony, JR Smith, Kleiza, and Diawara? Suddenly, we really shore up our most glaring weakness this season and a deep playoff run becomes more than just a dream this season.

Sign him to a 10 day, or show him the love and sign him for the remainder of the season. There could easily be several teams drooling over his services, so this could get interesting. Remember when we were trying to get McDyess back from Phoenix and players were picking him up in limos trying to convince him who he should sign with? Sure, there is always the chance that it could hurt team chemistry again, but I think this is so worth the risk.

7 Responses to “Sign Scottie Pippen!”

  1. Wavatar Jason Lancaster Says:

    First of all, when Pippen says he wants to play for a contender, he probably doesn’t mean the Nuggets. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Nuggets, but they’re a long shot to contend for a championship (they ain’t got no D). I’m thinking Pippen is looking to play for Detroit, Miami, Dallas, Pheonix, San Antonio, or maybe the Lakers. Maybe Chicago (maybe), but not Denver.

    Secondly, Pippen would bring a lot of perspective and knowledge to any team he plays on, and he commands respect. However, his presence wouldn’t necessarily be a positive. The team lacks maturity — they need a single locker-room voice to guide the team (other than the coach), and that voice should be AI. AI doesn’t need competition for the attention of the players you mentioned.

    I agree it would be great to have him on the court, and he might have a positive impact off the court too, but he’s not the right guy for the Nuggets at this time. What we need is the maturity and mental commitment to play EVERY possession. Then, and only then, will the Nuggets become a contender.

  2. Wavatar jim Says:

    Denver nuggets 2007-2008 nba champions.. you better hope we dont sign ray allen this summer.. i hear he a free agent this summer, Holla back bitch

  3. Wavatar darell Says:

    your team is grizzlies probably, you bandwagon just like everybody else.. i wouldnt b suprised if you got like 3 teams.. at the end of the year if spurs or detroit win it all you the type of person that’ll claim they were your squad, idk if you in high school or not but you need to get of that high school s***, thats what muthaf***** in High school do.. if i didnt get held back in high school you better believe i would of devoted all my motherf***** time to smackin up the fake cats that rocked kobe and tim duncan jerseys to school

  4. Wavatar jim Says:

    Mello and Ai.. Ai and Mello

  5. Wavatar darell Says:

    unlike mudumbo iverson gonna take denver to the finals and win the championship, even if he dont win a ring by the time his contract expires he’ll only be 33.. he’s running a mile in under 3 mins at age 31, lets see you do that.. ima laugh if at the end of iverson contract if denver hasnt won a championship and iverson decides to leave and mello goes with him where ever he goes and they both win a championship, cause you know they’d both go to either miami, san antonio, or detroit.. and thats real talk, holla!

  6. Wavatar Andrew Says:

    are u f*ing stupid jim, your not a nuggets fan if you cant spell MELO right stupid [edited]. Go back to living with your mom, i could kick your a**and im in 11th grade dumb a**.

  7. Wavatar bob Says:

    dude you are such an ass so the dude can’t spell MELO! so what?