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Will the Pepsi Center be amped?

April 28th, 2007 by aswitzer

Warriors FansThe Pepsi Center will be rocking for the next two games in the Nuggets/Spurs round 1 matchup, that much is a given. But, will the Nuggets organization take it to the next level?

The last few years, we have arrived at the Pepsi Center for playoffs games to find “Bam-Bam’s” on our seats… at this point they are the equivalent of a superball and bubbles handed out at my son’s birthday party as party favors. Fun, but quickly forgotten.

Take the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors as counter examples. For the past two years, the Miami Heat home games have been a sea of white, as the Heat organization has apparently organized a well coordinated effort to have all fans wear white to the home playoff games. Last night, the Warriors really took it up another notch, apparently giving away free yellow t-shirts emblazoned with “We Believe” on the front, and the Comcast logo on the back, as a sponsor. 🙂

Think of it from a business angle, as Stan Kroenke probably does. The cost of the t-shirts would more than be made up for if it propelled the Nuggets to the next round, and a few more home playoff games. Keep in mind that the ticket prices rise for every round of the playoffs!

So, will the Nuggets organization “Step Up” tonight?

I’ll report back on what they do after tonight’s game! (“Step Up” is the Nuggets marketing slogan for the 2007 year playoffs)

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