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The Nuggets Pepsi Center Advantage

April 23rd, 2008 by aswitzer

It’s time to think outside the box, Mr. Kroenke. This means you… Nuggets organization!

Yes, Mr. Kroenke, I know that you have already dug deeply into your pockets this season – going $25 million over the salary cap and spending the third most in the NBA in keeping the core team together this year. I’m not going to ask for much more, but I have a plan as to how the Nuggets can give back on your investment.

As sports fans know – the home court is a coveted thing in the playoffs. The crowd is intense and you want it on your team’s side when the game is on the line, as it often is late in playoff games.

I’ve been to every Nuggets playoff game at the Pepsi Center in the past four seasons. Before each home game, the Nuggets organization has handed out “Bam Bams” (also known as Thunder Stix or Cheer Stix) to all ticket holders as they walk into the Pepsi Center. Last year, as many NBA teams were starting to do new and creative things like inspirational t-shirts emblazoned with marketing slogans, the Nuggets were still handing out Bam Bams. In fact, they looked so similar to the ones they handed out the year before, they were most likely left-overs recycled from one or more of the previous seasons since they have not had more than 2 home games in a playoff series since 1994. Then, the Nuggets went so far as to hand out more Bam Bam’s at the first game of the season this year. Ugh. If I have to see another Bam Bam… well, let’s just say that I’m a little tired of them.

So, back to thinking outside the box. I’m perfectly fine with the Nuggets following the lead of other NBA teams and printing t-shirts for the upcoming home game this weekend. I think the crowd would be more than happy about it and bring some extra noise and energy to support the Nuggets. That’s really what its all about isn’t it? Find a co-sponsor, throw their name and logo on the back of the shirt, and the whole thing doesn’t have to cost a whole lot. Wouldn’t an imposing sea of Nuggets baby-blue fans look a little imposing to the visiting Lakers this weekend and be well worth the $$’s it takes to print up 18,000 t-shirts?

So, here are a few quick ideas for the slogan on the front of the shirt, to help the Nuggets marketing staff:

Welcome to the Mile High City, where the air is rare

Always good to bring up our unique home court advantage.

Defense – it’s an altitude thing!

Poking fun at our own defensive liability that we all know about, but bringing up the high-altitude that the Lakers will be facing. It’s intentionally a play on the word “attitude”.

The Next Round will be Found

Please let this be true!

Now, you’re playing at Altitude

Remind that visiting team they are playing a mile high now.

So please, please, Nuggets organization… I hope you are listening and have already thinking about this since we secured our fifth consecutive trip to the playoffs!

2 Responses to “The Nuggets Pepsi Center Advantage”

  1. Wavatar Wife Says:

    YES! I am SO with you on this!!!! How about something like “AI for President”, or “Call him Mr. Melo”.Okay, I have more from high school but they aren’t very nice…. 🙂 Nuggets in 6!

  2. Wavatar domidomdomz Says:

    Yeah right..Play in altitude, AI for President or Call MR.DUI (i mean Mr. Melo)..You nuggs just cant beat the Lakers or wont beat us..We look forward of sweeping you away to your fifth consecutive 1st round/ruined exit!!!!



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