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Happy Days for Nuggets Fans

November 21st, 2008 by aswitzer

This recent cartoon from Drew Litton of the Rocky Mountain News sums it the state of things in Nuggets land quite nicely:

Cartoon by Drew Litton

Cartoon by Drew Litton

The last time I was this excited about the state of the Nuggets in the regular season was probably back in the spring of 2005, when the Nuggets went on the incredible run after the All Star Break to make the playoffs.

But this is a different kind of excitement. Whether you are a longtime Nuggets fan, or just a fan of the team since Carmelo Anthony arrived, there is probably one thing on your mind… advancing past the first round of the playoffs. With the arrival of Chauncey Billups in the early season trade for the departed Allen Iverson, it finally feels like we might have that team. There have been other personnel changes too, and finally it appears, a true commitment to defense, but make no mistake, Billups is the glue that holds this new-found winning ways together. Chauncey is the real deal, and he brings or creates many of the ingredients this team had been missing:

  • A guy that knows what it takes to win an NBA championship
  • A guy that can play lock-down perimeter defense
  • A guy that distributes the ball and controls the tempo of the team
  • Another guy that can hit the big bucket, whether in the cluth, or just as importantly to stop a run by the opponent
These are heady days again, Nuggets fans. But the style of basketball the BIllups brings to Denver is the kind that gets teams deep into the playoffs. Dream big…
Til then, let’s go out tonight and beat the Lakers in LA!

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