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Karma catches up with Blazers

January 21st, 2009 by aswitzer

First and foremost, is the news that Darius Miles played his 10th game of the season (currently with the Grizzlies) and this has a huge negative impact for the Nuggets division rival Portland Trail Blazers over the next two seasons.

The short version is that, according to NBA rules, if Darius Miles played in 10 games this season, he would count against Portland’s salary cap, after they had declared him medically unable to play at the end of the 2007-2008 season. That would put his remaining $18 million dollars in salary back on Portland’s payroll for the next two years and put them over the salary cap for this season. It would also handcuff them in signing a top-level free agent this coming offseason. What many didn’t realize is that the 6 preseason games he played for Boston counted against the 10, making that total much more obtainable after he signed a 10-day contract with the Grizzlies.

 The Blazers twice  tried to block Darius Mile’s comeback to the NBA, which is where the “karma” part comes in.

First, the tried to claim Miles off of the waivers wire they had put him on, in an effort to stash him away from other teams that might play him. When the NBA denied that, they then sent an email to all other NBA teams threatening a lawsuit of another team signed and played Miles. That effort didn’t scare off Memphis, who was in need of some help. As a sidenote, Miles played quite well in the games in the last couple of games, shrugging off the distractions coming out of Portland.

For Nuggets fans, all of this means that a division rival, and up and coming young team, was dealt an offcourt blow that will slow down their attempt to rise up the ranks of the Western Conference. Their future is still bright, but they might want to work on improving their damaged reputation and karma for future free agency periods. After Darius Miles comes off their books, that is.

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3 Responses to “Karma catches up with Blazers”

  1. Wavatar Orlando Magic 1 - ESPN Power Rankings | Betting Odds - Graffiti Wall Says:

    […] Karma catches up with Blazers  The Blazers twice  tried to block Darius Mile’s comeback to the NBA, which is where the “karma” part comes in. […]

  2. Wavatar nugnugz Says:

    On a more personal and less business side of this, I’m happy to see Darius back in the NBA. His character has been questioned at times (whether fairly or not, I don’t know), but what a load of talent. He’s playing well for the Griz as you mentioned.

    I heard that the Nuggets were even considering taking a look at him, but I think it had more to do with making sure he played that 10th game. Now that he has, I’m not so sure they’re still interested.

    It must be difficult for him to be caught up in all the cap issues, after all, he is just trying to get his game back on track.

  3. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Well said, nugnugz.

    The personal side usually does get lost in a story/saga like this. I’m not sure why the Nuggets would still be interested in him since we’re fairly loaded at his position on the court, but I am happy that he can now attempt to sign with a team again with no stigma attached. He can finally know again that he’s been signed for his skills on the court and no other ulterior motives.

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