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Nuggets fan guide to 2009 All-Star Game

February 13th, 2009 by aswitzer

Denver Nuggets fans have two events to look forward to during this weekend’s festivities in Phoenix.

First up, is the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night, where J.R. Smith was a late addition to the foursome competing. J.R. replaced Memphis’s Rudy Gay,  who injured his hip earlier this week. Defending champ Dwight Howard of Orlando, 2006 winner Nate Robinson of New York, and Portland rookie Rudy Fernandez round out the rest of the field.

The Slam Dunk contest occurs during Saturday night festivities, along with the Skills Challenge and Three-Point shootout. It starts at 6pm MT, and the Slam Dunk contest is scheduled to air between 7-8PM MT, acorrding to TNT programming.

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On Sunday night, Chauncey Billups will represent the Nuggets in the All-Star game, as a Western Conference reserve guard. The game also airs on TNT, at 6PM MT. This will be Chauncey’s fourth-straight All-Star appearance, and his first in the Western Conference.

View Chauncey’s All-Star Profile at

Hopefully the rest of the Nuggets will be enjoying the 6 days off before they play again in Philiadelphia and healing any injuries. (Especially Chris Andersen!)

Enjoy All-Star weekend!

2 Responses to “Nuggets fan guide to 2009 All-Star Game”

  1. Wavatar nugnugz Says:

    I’m not generally one to go against my precious Nugz (some pun intended) but Rudy Fernandez should not have finished 4th in the dunk contest. Truthfully, I thought his 2 dunks were better than anyone else’s in the first round. It was clearly fixed so that Dwight howard would go up against krypto-nate in the final round (including a green ball – HOW DID THEY KNOW!) and the judges were set on making that the finals. Heck even the commentators weren’t taking Rudy seriously and were making fun of his jersey choice (“Martin!? is that Ricky Martin!?” BTW Ricky Martin is from Puerto Rico, which is not Spain).

    JR’s dunks were alright, but on the second one – it was like he gave up. It was like he knew who was meant to be in the final round and he knew it wasn’t him.

    On a side note, if I got to jump off of someone, giving me an additional 3 feet of air, I too would be able to dunk the ball.

  2. Wavatar NBA Free Picks Says:

    Nuggets have been really fun team to watch this season

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