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I started this website back in 1995 for two reasons: express my fan support for the NBA's Denver Nuggets, and learn about the web. Through this website, I've accomplished both, yet I find myself trying to make the site better every year, to keep improving upon those two reasons.

This site started with game summaries and a few pictures from time to time. In recent years I've added better links, Nuggets team news, team rosters, schedules, a mailing list and polls. If you ever have an idea for how I can improve this site, please send me an email. I'm always open to suggestions.

This site has grown because there are many Denver Nuggets fans across the US and across the globe. It exists to help fellow Denver Nuggets fans that don't have access to most games, or want to read a different perspective on their team than they can find elsewhere.

Not only has the site grown in visitors, but it has grown with new authors and contributors. Check out the NH Bio page to read more about them.

Thanks for stopping by,

Alan  (aswitzer)

Last updated: Sun, February-27-2011