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By George, the Nuggets are not on McCloud Nine

January 10th, 2002 by aswitzer

The season of turmoil continues. George McCloud is the latest malcontent on the Nuggets roster. I have to be on the side of the coaching staff on this one though. As with many cases, George’s unhappiness stems from not enough playing time in his eyes. Let me say this first though, I do like George as a player – he brings a level of toughness and experience to the Nuggets that they could use more of. However, George has not been playing well of late this season, struggling from the floor and with rebounding. So, Evans has not been using him as much on the floor. George is not happy with this current role, and has decided to speak out about his unhappiness, adding to the general turmoil of the team. Hey George: get healthy, practice your shot, and come back strong, because we need you happy and hitting the three.

On a positive note, despite all the turmoil, the Nuggets continue to play very entertaining games… they just haven’t won too many of them.

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