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Nuggets get some help at the point

March 8th, 2002 by aswitzer

The Nuggets signed Carlos Arroyo to help out at the point guard position on Thursday. He participated in one practice and then played in the game against the Knicks, playing 6 minutes and scoring 2 points while handing out 1 assist.

Carlos was an undrafted free agent out of Florida International who began the season with the Toronto Raptors but was cut and played the last month overseas in Spain. The Nuggets signed Carlos to a 10 day contract but if he shows any promising signs, he will most likely be kept for the remainder of the season.

I didn’t get to catch the game on TV – did anyone see him play and care to comment on his game?

The experiment with Kenny Satterfield does not appear to be working out. Kenny has been put on IR, and the Nuggets were struggling to hide him by having George McCloud cover at point when Tim Hardaway is on the bench. Kenny just has not shown the ability to handle the ball like the Nuggets hoped he could. I’ve seen him hounded into numerous turnovers too many times by mild pressure from other teams.

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3 Responses to “Nuggets get some help at the point”

  1. Wavatar Daniel Says:

    Howdy, I am a avid Neggets fan, but have lived in Orlando now for 4 years. This Game, (Nuggs Vs. Magic) was absolutly one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen. After watching Menk start I knew we were in for a treat. Tim Hardaway of Texas- El Paso, where I grew up, was halarious! He did get fouled on the inbound pass, which is why he was so upset. I am going to win the auction on that darn TV he threw. Arroyo came on very strong for the Nuggies, I was plesently surprized. He possesed confidence and was effective in running the offence, the end result was not usually good, as the Nuggets lost by 22, but we can attribute that more to Tracy McGrady. I actually had a great time talking with Magic fans, trying to explain why they looked so dysfunctional at times. I had to state that our Nugs, as we know them today had not played with each other up untill a week ago. I had a great time and cant wait till next year! Had anyone noticed a Nuggets point gaurd had been thrown out of Orlando for 3 years straight? Coincidence you think?

  2. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Daniel – thanks for your comments. I’ll actually be in Orlando next week, so I just seeing the Nuggets on the road by a week.

    Anyway, I’ve been impressed with Carlos so far too. He’s already shown more confidence then Kenny Satterfield, and Kenny’s had plenty of chances.

    So I’m assuming last year it was Nick. Who was thrown out before that?

  3. Wavatar Ben Silver Says:

    I had a chance to see Arroyo play against the Wizards when Jordan came back from the knee surgery. Suprisingly enough, he looked pretty solid. He’s not the next Gary Payton or anything but I would sure like to see him taking a few more of Satterfeild’s minute’s.

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