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Tim gets some tv air-time

March 18th, 2002 by aswitzer

Most of you have probably already seen/heard about Tim’s antics during the Orlando game, but in case you haven’t… here’s the scoop:

Tim was ejected from the Orlando game after receiving his 2nd technical. He received his first techincal in a double foul after getting into a pushing match with Darrell Armstrong after he stole the ball from Tim several times. After the 2nd technical, Tim went into a tirade that ended with him heaving a courtside monitor back onto the court before he left. The monitor held up surprisingly well, and did not shatter as one might expect. Armstrong picked up the monitor after Tim left, carried it back to its original location and plugged it in. The tv only showed snow, but the home crowd loved it. After tempers returned to normal after the game, both Tim and Darrell signed the tv for a local Orlando charity auction.

Hardaway was suspended two games without pay and fined $10 grand by the NBA for his tirade in Orlando, for verbal abuse of the officials, and for failure to leave the court in a timely manner. In the 3-4 games I’ve seen Tim play in firsthand, I’ve noticed he often jaws with the officials when things aren’t going his way. He usually is the last to leave the court to head to the bench during a time-out, talking at any official nearby first. I have respect for what Tim has accomplished in his NBA career, but does anyone know if he’s known as a whiner, or if this is a recent things since he was traded from the Mavs?

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