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Draft 2002- Kiki remakes the Nuggets

June 26th, 2002 by aswitzer

5 new Nuggets, thanks to 3 picks and a major draft day trade. The new Nuggets are:

Nikoloz Tskitishvili – #5 pick
Maybyner Hilario – #7 pick
Vincent Yarbrough – #33 pick (2nd round)

And, Marcus Camby and Mark Jackson arrive from the New York Knicks.


Antonio McDyess

Antonio is/was the most famous and most talented player the Nuggets have had in the past 7 years. I am very sad to see him go, but Kiki said that he would not let another loss like Mutombo occur on his watch, referring to how Mutombo walked away as a free agent in 1995, with the Nuggets getting nothing to show for it.

5 Responses to “Draft 2002- Kiki remakes the Nuggets”

  1. Wavatar Die Hard Hansen Says:

    Is Bernie Bickerstaff back in the draft room??? Oh Lordy am I feeling uneasy about our draft picks. Granted I haven’t done much research about Nikoloz Tskitishvili and Maybyner Hilario, but I’m not feeling too confident.

    Camby??? Jackson (again)??? Huh!!!!

    I will forever stand by the side of my beloved Denver Nuggets. When will it pay off!!!??? It’s getting frustrating Kiki, I hope you know what you’re doing.

    Twizzy you have an AWESOME site!!! The world is lucky to have such a talent updating us. Thanks Twizzy!!!

  2. Wavatar Mo Says:

    I haven’t historically been a fan of the Nuggets, but I have to say Kiki is THE MAN! IMO anyone who doesn’t see his moves as sheer genius has no long-term vision.

    I think Hilario and Tskitishvil were the 3rd and 4th best prospects of the draft. At 6-10, 260 with a 7-4 wingspan, Hilario is a legit center at only 19 years old, and blessed with freakish athleticism (they tested all the top prospects in a variety of drills, and Hilario finished 2nd overall, ahead of everyone but undrafted 6-2 point guard J.R. Bremer; Jay Williams, for example, finished 7th). Tskitishvili is a 7 footer who can handle the ball, pass, and hit 3s – a future Nowitzki.

    But they’re both 19 and neither ready to contribute much next year, which is the whole point. The Nuggets WILL be the worst team in the league next year, and get a damn good shot at Lebron James, or they can settle for Milicic, Perkins, Anthony, or White; i.e. they’ll add another top prospect.

    Don’t be surprised to see Camby and Jackson packaged up and traded either. How about to the Sixers for Coleman and Harpring? The Nuggets would then have 4 players under contract – Hilario, Tskitish, Harvey, and Posey – next summer at about 10 mil.

    Add another top prospect from next year’s draft to that group, and 30 million in cap space, and perhaps say hello to Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, and Tim Duncan. Where else could they go and all play for the same team for max deals with a cadre of hot young prospects in tow? Nowhere. A team of Kidd, Payton, Lebron James, Tskitishvili, Hilario, and Duncan would probably be one of the best teams of all time right away, with oh, say, about 15 years left of total dominance. That’s right, the Nuggets could conceivably win 15 of the next 16 titles. Kindof makes next year’s season seem irrelevant, doesn’t it?

    And if it doesn’t work next summer, try again the summer after that. Since none of the draftees they’re adding will make any significant money for another 4 years, they’ll be in this position every summer until either (a) they stack up on marquee free agents or (b) they stack up on top young talent from several drafts or (c) both.

    There are no guarantees of course. But in today’s NBA, these are the best odds, the smartest play. Go ridiculously young until you’re really ready to win, and go ridiculously cheap until you’re really ready to win. Right now, Kiki is brilliantly navigating both paths.

  3. Wavatar kirbz Says:

    Foreign big men, meet in Denver!
    Have we got a job for you!

    Since nobody is going to challenge the 5 spot in the West, the Nugs may as well get athletic at the 4 & 3. I like what Kiki is doing. He truly inherited a clunker of a team, so why not roll the Dice and take a chance on a young player?

    Jackson and Satterfield, however, will not cut it at the point. Kiki is not done dealing yet. Hey, at least this is getting interesting…

    I’ll always go see the nugs play and I really hope one these guys turns out to be a pleasant suprise. Great sight! Keep the Faith.

  4. Wavatar Phil Says:

    I like what Kiki is doing. The team he go was really weak and over paid. I am sorry to see Antoino go but had to do it. Jackson will not cut it at the point to old too slow. We should look to pickup Andre Miller or any body on the team. Or look at Billups as a free agent (if he does not cost to much). Also try to keep this new group. I am tired of seeing ex nuggets in the playoffs doing great. Peace

  5. Wavatar ben carr Says:

    I have my starting lineup for the 2003 2004 nba season Lebron james james possey skits hilario and andre miller lets hope the nuggets do really bad next year and fianlly get some good luck in the draft lottery next year.

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