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Save the Date – May 22nd @ 6:00PM MT

April 19th, 2003 by aswitzer

This is a big date for the future of the Nuggets. The NBA announced that it will be televising the draft lottery in prime time on ABC (30 minute show) and the Nuggets find themselves tied with the Cavs for the best chance to get the #1 pick.

Will the Nuggets get the #1 pick with their 22.5% chance? Can LeBron James save the Nuggets and take them to the promised land? If we get the #2 pick, and you were Kiki, would you take Carmelo Anthony or Darko Milicic?

I’d love to hear what you think Nuggets fans – just click on the “Add a comment” link below and leave your thoughts.

So set your Tivo, or your VCR’s, or just tune in – Thursday, May 22nd at 6:00pm MT on ABC. The actual draft will occur on June 26th.

Go Nuggs!

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One Response to “Save the Date – May 22nd @ 6:00PM MT”

  1. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Hopefully we won’t need it, but if for some reason neither Cleveland or Denver get the top 3 picks, we won the tiebreaker tonight. We’ll pick 4th and Cleveland would pick 5th. It’s the worst case scenario, but it’s nice to see that luck is already on our side.

    You can read more about it

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