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Nuggets land 3rd pick in 2003 NBA Draft

May 22nd, 2003 by aswitzer


Probably, but it still could have been worse, as the 4th pick was a possibility and there are three high profile potential impact players in this years draft.

Cleveland feels blessed, fortunate, and darn lucky this evening as they are counting the $$$’s. LeBron James is a no-doubter to remain in the same state where he played his High School hoops.

Memphis moved on past us and grabbed the #2 spot, but thanks to a 1997 trade with Detroit, they are handing that pick over to the Pistons. Analysts say that Detroit is already leaning towards Yugoslavian center Darko Milicic.

That likely leaves the Nuggets to pick Carmelo Anthony. Not a bad option, considering the college freshman just led the Syracuse Orangemen to the national title in March. The guy can score, and he has an eerie sense of poise and calm for a player his age. I’m starting to get pretty exciting about the upcoming season already.

View ESPN’s draft tracker page.

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2 Responses to “Nuggets land 3rd pick in 2003 NBA Draft”

  1. Wavatar Lala Says:

    I feel very lucky! Carmelo was my number 1 pick, so I am pleased. I’m very excited an ready to rock!

  2. Wavatar STAN_MELO Says:


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