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Birdman in ’04 slam-dunk contest?

December 15th, 2003 by aswitzer

Kiki is making a push for Chris Andersen to participate in the slam-dunk contest in the 2004 NBA All-Star weekend in LA.

Vandeweghe said he has made the initial calls to the NBA recommending Andersen to be picked for the contest, just as he did last year. Andersen, known here in Denver as “The Birdman” because of his high-flying highlight reel dunks, is 6-foot-10, and is rumoured to have a 40 inch vertical. The kid jumps like he is on a pogo stick. Normally I prefer to see the shorter guys participate in the contest, but I think it might be fun to see Andersen in the next contest – he’s a pretty wild, high-energy guy and he could bring a fun twist to it.

The last participant the Nuggets had in the slam-dunk contest was Darvin Ham in 1997.

Voshon Lenard and Jon Barry may also be considered for the 3-point competition.

Picks for the February 14th competitions won’t be announced until late January. Do you think Chris would make a good selection, Nuggets fans?

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40 Responses to “Birdman in ’04 slam-dunk contest?”

  1. Wavatar Rod Auen Says:

    Rod Auen,

  2. Wavatar Ali Says:

    BirdMan would win it all too!!!

    burn those phone lines up KiKi!!


  3. Wavatar BIRDMAN 2 Says:


  4. Wavatar Yoo MaMa Says:

    No the soul called "BirdMan" should not be allowed in the contest. Wtf he’ll hit his head even before he takes off, how boring is that watching a 10 footer dunk on a 10 foot rim…..not much. Don’t do it SON.

  5. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Although I agree the shorter players tend to be more exciting, tall, athletic guys do participate also.

    For example, Shawn Kemp (who is the same height as Chris at 6’10") aka the Reignman, participated in 1994 and came in 3rd overall.

    You can read all about the Slam Dunk contests over the years at this link:

  6. Wavatar Chris wit hops Says:

    birdman is the number 1 dunker in my book. VC and richardson ain’t got nothin.

  7. Wavatar Da Goat Says:

    Don’t do it! Kobe Bryant is set to run this year too, and he’s goin 2 win…. hands down!

  8. Wavatar boing15 Says:

    Vince will jump over Anderson and anyone else they decide to put out there!

  9. Wavatar Gio Says:


  10. Wavatar 50" Verticle Says:

    All ya’ll NBA’ers are trippin! If my man Ronnie Fields get’s in the NBA, he’ll easily beat Vince, hands down! Just ask Kevin Garnett…

  11. Wavatar Chris wit hops Says:

    kobe’s a jerk and birdman’s tha bomb.

  12. Wavatar mars Says:

    no possible way Kobe will enter. i don’t know who told you that lie

  13. Wavatar mars Says:

    it’ll be JRich, Lebron, Andersen, Mason, Ricky Davis, and Shawn Marion

  14. Wavatar David Corboy Says:

    Hey Chris! i have a reasearch project called the I-search and i have to interview you for the project. and if you could that would be great please just e-mail me if you dont now it is

  15. Wavatar the expert Says:

    there will only be 4 guys in the contest w/ the new rules. and kobe will not be in it!

  16. Wavatar TJ Says:

    Desond Mason, Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Ricky Davis, Gerald Wallace, and Stromole Swift should be in the dunk contest this year. I think that more than 4 people should compete in the contest. If it is just 4 people it want be as exciting as 6 people.

  17. Wavatar chris wit hops Says:

    there’s only gonna be 4 people in the contests? They woun’t put Andersen in it. that ain’t right

  18. Wavatar Baby Jordan Says:

    Not fur nuttin, but, WHERE DA HELL IS HAROLD MINER?????? The dude is like only 30-31, and wit da playas in the league rite now… he should definitely be gettin some run!

    He’d also win da contest yo! Hands down!

  19. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Harold Miner? Are you serious? He’d be 33 this May. I think he last played in the NBA in 1996. He was a great dunker, and yes, he did win two slam dunk contests but unfortunately the rest of his skills weren’t up to par. Tough nickname to receive too – "Baby Jordan" – how do you ever live up to that?

  20. Wavatar Baby Jordan Says:

    Miner did VC’s first dunk from 2000, back in 1993…. and Miner did it with his left hand no less (he switched from right to left).

    As for his skills not being up to par, why not re-examine half of the NBA’s second string guards, then ask yourself if he’s up to par with theirs…..

    Remeber this?;

  21. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    We’re already in agreement that Miner was a great dunker – and thanks for the video link.

    I doubt if he could step back on to the court and dunk like that 7-8 years after he left the league – that’s all.

    He may have been cut prematurely because of the high expectations that surrounded him, but I have noticed with the NBA that once you are cut by a team, it can be tough to make it back. There are a few exceptions of journeymen that bounced from team to team, then found success (i.e. Avery Johnson winning a championship as the PG of the Spurs) but they are few.

    If you are interested in discussing further, take it to the NH Forums – they are the appropriate place for this!

  22. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Birdman is IN the slam dunk competition!

    Just heard it on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain, during the late stages of the 2nd quarter of the game in Utah.

  23. Wavatar Baby Jordan Says:

    Aswitzer…. didn’t mean to make it sound like I was getting defensive. I agree with you, Harold Miner wasn’t scoring well, and the expectations were way too high.

    But I’d take Miner over Charlie Ward anyday! 😀

    As for the dunk comp that they announced, who else is in it?

  24. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    No worries Baby Jordan! I enjoyed the dialogue, and just wanted to let you know the forums are an easier place to further the discussion.

    I can’t find any additional info – the site is frustrating because it doesn’t even have a page yet with details about All-Star weekend. I just heard it on tv tonight and they only announced Nuggets players that were picked.

    Anyone else heard anything?

  25. Wavatar ThaShow40inchesNuttinLess Says:

    Your pushin for anderson, what about Jeff Trepanjier, he did a windmill elbow dunk in the NCAA DunK Contest, his hops are out the building, I want Jeff in it…holla

  26. Wavatar waytogo15 Says:

    aswitzer, you said nuggets players, meaning more than one. Did they announce that Jeff Trepanjier is in it? because i agree with tha show, he could destory all in the competition. Sadly, i fear he wont be in it because the NBA wants basically 2 hand lebron the trophy (those idiots)

    peace out

  27. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    waytogo15 – sorry for the confusion, I was referring to the fact that Boykins got selected to the skills comp, and Voshon Lenard got selected to the three point comp.

    Still no further details on the slam dunk competition, but finally has a page for the All Star weekend:

  28. Wavatar birdman4mvp Says:

    get him in. he deserves it and he works harder than anybody and it shows

  29. Wavatar steez Says:

    GET BIRDMAN IN THERE!!! The Nuggets need that kind of notariety and let the rest of the league see the talent of our lesser known stars.

  30. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    Just so we’re clear here – Birdman is definitely in this year’s Slam Dunk contest – just still waiting on the official announcement from They’ve announced every other event but this one!

  31. Wavatar Josh Says:

    Hi, I was watching Fox Sports Net and they said Fred Jones from the Indiana Pacers is going to be in the dunk contest this year. Your right about and all the other websites. Why won’t they just anounce who is in it already.

  32. Wavatar mars Says:

    the dunkers are Andersen, Freddie Jones, J-Rich, and Deshawn Stevinson. they waited so long to announce it cause they were hoping that LeBron would do it. Stevinson is the alternate for James.

  33. Wavatar mars Says:

    also, on Harold Miner, he tried to play again in the ABL but he had to retire because his knees went bad on him. They were already problematic when he was with Toronto, who even gave him an injury settlement to get out from under his contract

  34. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    It’s FINALLY official! finally released the official participants for the 2004 Slam Dunk Competition, and Chris is in:

    Also, for all you Birdman fans, watch for the new NBDL ad – Chris makes an appearance in his Nuggets home uni!

  35. Wavatar cody Says:


  36. Wavatar 50" Vert Says:

    Well, da Birdman lost! Was up wit dat hair anyways? J-Rich gave dat contest away…. he should have won, hands down!

    Ricki Davis really stunk, I expected much more from him. Hopefully next year they’ll up the ‘ante’, and get some real dunkers to enter in….

    I’m out

  37. Wavatar aswitzer Says:

    If you haven’t already seen them, Birdman photos have been posted here:

  38. Wavatar Miner fan Says:

    Update on Harold Miner if y’all didn’t know already. Harold Miner is in las Vegas doing well with his stunt in the NBA. He never tried to play overseas or play in the ABA or any other league because his contract with Nike didn’t allow to do so until either last year or this year. Word is he is free now and playing ball here and there. He still got his hops. He got a tight crib out in Nevada, you can go to the clerk of courts website and it gives you an overview of his crib. Looks like a mansion, I see a huge pool and a full size court. don’t count Harold out, he’s not stupid. Just alot of pressure on a basketball player from Inglewood. maybe he might surprise us.

  39. Wavatar minerstheman Says:

    Yo, where’s this website?? I’d like to get a look at his crib

  40. Wavatar Meredith #1 Andersen Fan Says:

    Chris Andersen is the hottest player on the team!!!!! Of corse he can do it!!!! You rock birdman. I love ya.