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Camby returning this week

January 24th, 2006 by aswitzer

On top of the fact that we’re currently enjoying a six game win streak, and increasing our lead in the Midwest division, Nuggets fans have more good news to savor.

Marcus Camby should be back in the line-up either Friday or Saturday night of this week. Both games are against the Clippers. I do hope its Friday night, as I’ll be at that game and I’m sure the home fans would love to see Camby in action again first.

Karl has said that he plans to play Camby no more than 20-25 minutes per game, to give him a chance to work off the inevitable rust and get back in playing shape.

I do hope that Camby’s return solidifies the fact in the NBA coaches’ minds that he should be in this year’s All-Star game. No Center (East or West) was playing at a higher level than Camby the first two months of this season. It would be his first All-Star game in his 9 year career.

Read more about Camby, as well as Nene and Russell’s progress at

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