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NH Podcast – Episode #03 (with

March 22nd, 2006 by aswitzer

Episode #3 is a pre-game, joint effort podcast with the Spurs fansite – This episode focuses on our home game matchup with the Spurs on Mar 22nd. This podcast will most likely be included in a larger podcast created by I’ll update this blog entry with a link to it when available. I also plan to call in some onsite observations before/during/after the game which may also be combined with their podcast.

There are three easy ways to listen to the podcast:

  1. If you use iTunes to listen to podcasts, just click on the icon below.

    Subscribe in iTunes

  2. Or, drag the Podcast RSS feed link into whatever MP3 playing software you have.

  3. Or, click on this link to listen to it directly in your browser:
    NuggetsHoops Podcast #03 – 03.21.2006 (6MB, 6:16, MP3)

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