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Mike Wilks released

November 28th, 2007 by aswitzer

The first roster change of the 2007-2008 Nuggets season was announced quietly after the home loss to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. Wilks release was more of a collateral casualty from our falling big men than it was tied to his play on the court. With Nene (thumb) and Stephen Hunter (knee) both out for at least another month one of the Nuggets strengths has quickly turned into a deficit. Of course, as a Nuggets fan of any length, you’ve seen this pattern unfold for each of the past 3-4 seasons, so it’s really not a surprise is it. Throw oft-injured Kenyon Martin into the discussion, and suddenly you have Marcus Camby as our most reliable big man in that span of 3-4 seasons. I love Camby like no other current Nuggets player, and he’s tougher and less fragile than many NBA fans realize, but if you are relying on him to be your most dependable/healthy frontline player year after year, you are just asking for trouble.

Kenyon Martin is another target thanks to his oft-injured knees. He’s something of a medical miracle, becoming the first NBA player to have the increasingly common microfracture surgery on both of his knees. Kenyon’s been a great contributor this season after being out nearly all of last year and quite a bit of the previous season. However, the Nuggets staff have been cautious (rightly so) with his playing time, only recently allowing him to play in back-to-back games to reduce the strain to the most recently repaired knee. When Kenyon came out of a recent game last week with pain in that same knee everyone tried not to fear the worst. Luckily, an MRI showed that it was just a bruise, but it has still kept Kenyon out of the past few games and possibly a few more before he’s ready to play again. Eduardo Najera commented on playing thru a bruised knee much of last season, and said it’s “extremely painful”.

So, with Camby the only active Nuggets player over 6’8, Wilks was released so that they could pursue a big player to help shore up the frontline until we can get Martin, Nene, and Hunter back on the court. Wilks was averaging 3.0 PPG, 1.5 RPG, and appeared in 8 games for the Nuggets.

I personally wish Wilks the best and wish him well after his brief stint playing for the Nuggets. For all those hardworking fans out there reading this blog, think of it this way – would you want to be let go from your job right before the holiday?

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