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2008 SixthMan Jam

April 3rd, 2008 by aswitzer

The Denver Nuggets annual “Meet the Team” event was held at the Downtown Aquarium tonight for season ticket holders.

We had a blast, and it was the best such event I have been to as a long-time Nuggets fan. About 3 years ago the Nuggets organization got smart and changed it from an autograph signing event to a real change to mingle with the players and coaches. The aquarium provided the perfect opportunity to talk to, take photos with, and literally rub elbows with the team. The players did a great job for the most part of walking around the aquarium and being accessible. Marcus Camby is the master at this – he always seems to be the first player that the fans see, and is the most willing to chat and take photos. I also had fun conversations over the course of the event with Anthony Carter, Linus Kleiza, Eduardo Najera, Coach Karl, Yakhouba Diawara, and yes, even Allen Iverson.

Allen, Carmelo, and JR hid behind the bar for most of the event, but when Allen agreed to pose for a quick pictures with my wife Carrie in the foreground, he chatted a bit as well. I asked him about his fractured finger, and he held it up to show truly damaged it is – from the look of it, it will definitely need surgery in the offseason. The finger is unnaturally bent upwards at the first knuckle. Ouch! I ended the conversation with a comment about the finger hurting less during the playoffs. With a smile, he countered:

No, probably not…

Implying… the other team will definitely be gunning for it during the playoffs, even more than they already are.

Yahkouba had the comment of the night. I asked him if he had lost any teeth during his encounter with Shaq’s elbow at the end of the game in Phoenix this past week. Chris Marlowe, during an Altitude broadcast the following evening had made a comment about Yahkouba having 3 teeth pulled:

“No, my teeth are fine”, he replied in his thick French accent. “Actually, Shaq’s arm is what you need to worry about as far as being injured.”

I just want to say thanks from myself and my family to the Denver Nuggets organization for putting on a great event tonight. It was a real treat for us fans!


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One Response to “2008 SixthMan Jam”

  1. Wavatar Bruno Baltazar Says:

    That’s a marketing strategy some teams have and i think it’s a good one as fans deserve some contact with the players they always rooth for.
    The Nuggets organization is been doing a pretty good job and players seem to respond well to it chatting with fans ,i notice that every game JR Smith give his jersey to some one in the crowd.

    Nice to see you chatted with the players and taked some pics.

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