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Summer Trade Rumors

June 11th, 2008 by aswitzer

What a strange season it was for the Denver Nuggets.

The Nuggets won 50 games for the first time since in 20 years – that was 1988 for those of you not feeling the math. Yet, it was only good enough for the 8th seed in the increasingly strong and deep Western Conference, and it led to the most disappointing playoffs in the past 5 seasons – a sweep by the Finals-bound Lakers.

So, after a quick exit, the Nuggets brass (should) be looking to change things up and get things moving in a better direction to close the gap with the top teams in the West – namely, the Lakers, Spurs, Jazz, and Hornets. Take the Mavericks for example – just three years ago in the Finals, then knocked out in the first round the past two years. Other than the Spurs, few teams have been able to stay in the top echelon of the West for long. The Nuggets have great ownership at the moment – at least an owner that’s willing to spend top dollar on the team on the court, so they need to try to maximize what they have to vault themselves up into the top 4 teams. Let’s talk trade rumors…

June 6th – Boston guard Sam Cassell told the Rocky Mountain News before Game 1 of the Finals he “definitely will talk” to the Nuggets when he becomes a free agent on July 1.

Cassell wants to play one more season before getting into coaching, and he believes Nuggets coach George Karl can help.

“George is a hell of a coach, and he’s also a good friend,” said Cassell, who played for Karl in Milwaukee. — Rocky Mountain News

My take on Sam Cassell. Pass – I would have been up for it at the start of last season, but he’s just not been able to bring much to the Celtics. Rondo gets the majority of the minutes and sometimes Cassell has backed him up, but journeyman Eddie House has been getting just as much play as the backup as Cassell has.

June 9th – Jermaine O’Neal to Denver for Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin: All-Stars Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson need a sidekick in Denver who can score in the low post. Camby will block shots and rebound — 13.3 a game last season. Martin’s injury problems — he played only two games in the 2006-07 season — and his contract — three more years with a player option on the third year — could worry the Pacers.

My take – no way would I do that deal. Jermaine is 29 and has shown an increasing issue with his knees. Sure, you could say the same about Kenyon Martin, but at least he appears to be heading in the other direction – after playing in 71 games last year, as opposed to O’Neal’s 42. O’Neal also has high mileage, after coming to the NBA directly out of High School.

June 10th – Melo to Motown?

So exactly what is the chance of Denver Nuggets franchise star Carmelo Anthony taking his gig to Motown?

“I would say nothing is happening. The Nuggets are not trading Carmelo,” said Calvin Andrews.

“People are interested in Carmelo. People are smelling blood. There are a lot of rumors out there and a lot of talk is happening, so people feel like they got to get there bid in there too.”

“You can’t jump up and down every time people make inquiries. Our understanding is that no trade is happening.” — MyFox Colorado

My take… so, the rumor is that GM Dumars is willing to part with Piston core members Billups, Wallace, and Prince for Anthony, Camby, Martin and a throw-in or two to even up the deal. That deal is really a proposal by local media member Woody Paige, but you get the idea for the type of deal that could be had this off-season.

This last one is actually tempting. I love Marcus Camby for the player that he is and for the contributions he brings to the community of Denver. He’s tough to part with, but his value is high and his name will be mentioned in many such deals this summer. Carmelo Anthony is Denver’s superstar and current future, but he has not shown that he’s willing to play defense, and at his position, it’s a hole that’s just too big to fill when the playoffs come around. I hate to give up on a 24 year old with so much potential, but the Piston core players live and breathe defense, and would change the face of the Nuggets. We’ll see how the summer plays out…

2 Responses to “Summer Trade Rumors”

  1. Wavatar Curdt Coebain Says:

    The Nuggets don’t need to worry so much about the Lakers, Spurs, Jazz, and Hornets. Who they really need to start worrying about is the Portland Trail Blazers. That team is stacked. They have they’re own version of the “Big 3” with Roy, Aldridge, and Oden, except that they’re all under the age of 23 and have about a 12 year window whereas the Celtics have about 1-2 more seasons left. Not to mention, the Blazers also have superstar Spainard Rudy Fernandez coming over this year, and they just drafted the exciting Jarryd Bayless. And don’t forget about the up and coming Travis Outlaw….should I continue? The Blazers are the next great dynasty in the NBA. Oden will smash Bynum. The Nuggets need to rebuild now.

  2. Wavatar Philly4Evah Says:

    I think Ai should have opted out of his contract, packed his bags and come back to Philly. Billy king did him wrong by getting rid of Ai, just to get kicked out himself. I am from Philly, and I still have old VHS tapes of old sixer games with him on them. My family dont understand how I can look at those old games, but when you are a fan, things that you do always seem strange to others. I hope you read this Ai. And come back home to Philly. We miss you. I miss you. 33 and your game is still as sharp as you braids, and as sharp as it was when you landed your first endorsement deal with Reebokkkk.”A1’s” Everybody wanted, and hounded they momma ta buy them. Black and Gold. Those was the days. Even if you dont return it may be best, cause managment in philly is just concerned about filling the seats, not filling the court with quality. The sixer and whole philly franchise coaching staff here be all stuck in their ways of doing things and hate to change their routines. Thats why philly in known for losing. Maybe Stefancki will see the truth and start making needed changes. You had mediocure teamates for too long. You are too good a player than to have to continue to settle for whatever managment surround you wit on the floor. Boston I think could have made any quality player mad at their managment staffs, that if they could go for broke, Why cant we? Players such as Vince Carter, T.Mac, and somany others. K.Garnett is blessed to have been apart of a historic deal like that. Ray Allen, and Pierce. Ai, I hope you are apart of a deal just as great. You deserve it. You work hard, and I dont know how others haven’t seen that yet. Anytime yoyu have Tyrone Hills, and other junk players, and maintain your composure all these years, that says something. Philly gets rid of junk and bring it back, like they did Tyrone Hill and soooooo many others. It’s sad, I’m just venting almost a decade of pain, and my brother feel the same way that I do. They would be worst than me. I know your life been tuff, I hope this message encourage you. My girl always catch me watchin an old game when you was at Philly. She tease me. Not cause of watching you, but because I’m watching a game from 2000. I Teach my son some of your skill, and we watch you together. His name Jeremiah Mills. He’s 6, so remember his name. Even if he dont play basketball, I know he’ll be something great. You are. But if you do come back, I’m sure you’ll be welcomed back with a Philly Cheese Steak. If you had 1,000,000 fans, and lost 999,999 of them, you can count on it, that that one fan that’s left will remain your fan for the remainder of the time that God enables me to breath here on earth. I love you as a brother does. Philly4Evah

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