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Carmelo struggles in first Team USA game in Beijing

August 11th, 2008 by aswitzer

After two Team USA summers where Carmelo was arguably one of their best and most dominant players, Carmelo appears to be struggling this summer in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

While nearly everyone on the roster cruised during Team USA’s rout of China in the opening round, Carmelo played 14 minutes, when 0-3 from the floor (0-2 from three point range) and had 1 turnover, 0 assists and 3 personal fouls. He did have 3 free throws and 4 rebounds.

In the Sunday Denver Post, managing director Jerry Colangelo was quoted as saying the Anthony “could be in better shape”. At Saturday’s team practice, while the rest of his teammates wore sleeveless shirts, Carmelo ran extra sprints in a sweat-drenched baggy shirt. “I don’t want to make a big deal of it”, Colangelo said, “but I just feel in looking at where he was the last two summers, and making a comparison, he seems to be a little heavier.”

Here’s hoping Melo turns things around in China, contributes to the “Team Redeem” campaign for a Gold Medal and returns for the Nuggets training camp in shape, and full of confidence for the upcoming NBA season.

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