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We miss you Marcus and Eddie, but…

November 19th, 2008 by aswitzer

your new teams miss you even more…

Oh, ouch, that hurts… but Camby and Najera appear to be hurting more this season…

Double slam… okay, I’ll stop there. Namely, because I respect both players, and appreciate what they did for the Nuggets and the city of Denver. They are both stand-up guys. (I keep setting myself up for further zingers, but I’ll finally resist this time)

The season is still young, but its starting to look more and more like Nuggets’ management offseason moves were more than smart, and possibly about more than just saving money.

Exhibit A: Marcus Camby

LA Clippers Games: 10 (thru 11/18)
Games available for: 7
Games started: 6
Total playable minutes: 480
Minutes on court: 187
Total season points: 54, total rebounds 67

Current status: Playing
Team’s record: 1-9

Thoughts: Marcus missed the entire preseason and the first three games (all Clippers losses) but has played in every game since and played well in all but two. (Lakers and Sacramento) He’s down from last year’s averages in all major categories, but has been playing well for the Clippers of late. Unfortunately, it hasn’t helped translate for the Clippers yet this season.

Exhbit B: Eduardo Najera

New Jersey Nets Games: 10 (thru 11/18)
Games available for: 6
Total playable minutes: 480
Minutes on court: 55
Total season points: 4, total rebounds 10

Current status: Out with neck/back injury
Team’s record: 4-6

Thoughts: The Nets signed Eduardo on the cheap – $12 million over four seasons, when the Nuggets weren’t willing to offer that much for the 32 year old this past July. WIth averages of 5.9 pts and 4.3 rebounds a game last season, I think the Nets were hoping for more from Eduardo. He may still get back to that level, but early play this season has amounted to very little. Either Eduardo has had trouble meshing with his new team, or he has started down that slippery slope that inevitably occurs with most NBA players in their thirties.

I’ll check in again on both players later this season, but thus far, the Nuggets moves… unpopular and considered shrewd at the time this past summer, may have been wiser that originally thought. Still, I wish Camby and Najera good health and fortune the rest of the season. The Nuggets have moved forward in a new direction with extremely positive early results… there is no reason to have any ill wishes towards the remaining careers of these two popular ex-Nuggets.

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One Response to “We miss you Marcus and Eddie, but…”

  1. Wavatar nugnugz Says:

    It still would’ve been nice to get something in return though! Maybe Sean Williams from the Nets (though if he’s at the end of the bench for them, I imagine he’d be on the bench for us too)

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