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January 15th, 2009 by aswitzer

Who would have thought that we’d still be talking about a thrown elbow, that missed its target,  two days later?


Mark Cuban discusses J.R. Smith's flying elbow

Mark Cuban discusses J.R. Smith's flying elbow

In case you missed it, J.R. Smith threw an elbow at Dallas Mavericks player Antoine Wright as the halftime whistle blew. The two players had been scuffling and jawing at each other in the waning moments of the first half. Meanwhile, the Nuggets Chris Andersen stole the inbound pass and made a half-court three-point prayer right before the buzzer sounded. The TV coverage cut away as most viewers were wondering if Andersen got his shot off in time to be counted. While this was happening, Dallas Mavericks outspoken owner Mark Cuban rushed onto the court and confronted J.R., after seeing him throw his elbow at Wright. It’s important to note that the elbow did not connect with its target, just like J.R.’s shot that night. (He was 1-14 shooting in the game) Cuban and Karl have continued to discsuss the incident and reactions to it since that night. Cuban has already submitted his videotape evidence to the NBA for reviewing and passing judgement on J.R.’s actions. The Nuggets most likely did the same thing regarding Cuban’s actions.

“When the game starts, he is a fan. After the game, he’s an owner, but during the game, he’s a fan.” George Karl, the following day in a statement to reporters, regarding Mark Cuban.


Update:  The NBA reported this evening that there will be no suspension for J.R. Smith. Cuban’s actions are still under review. 

Yeah, time to move on to more important things, like beating Phoenix tonight!

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