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2010 NBA Draft – will the Nuggets play?

June 24th, 2010 by aswitzer

The 2010 NBA Draft is tonight, June 24th from 5pm – 10pm Mountain Time. It will be televised live on ESPN.

As things stand this morning, the Nuggets have no picks in this draft. However, as you might remember from previous drafts, that does not mean we won’t participate in the draft. There was a rumor circulating last week that the Nuggets were dangling Ty Lawson to Indiana for the 10th pick, but that appears to have died off. Yes, the Nuggets need some help, but I like what we’ve seen from Ty a lot so far, and would hate to give him up so early in his career. In fact, just last year we were in a similar position (no picks) and made a move to get in the draft and pick up Ty so we’d have an heir apparent to Chauncey ready to be groomed for the future as the Nuggets PG.

The Nuggets have a pretty lousy history overall with the draft. When you have the recent examples of Nikoloz Tskitishivili and Julius Hodge as first round picks, you have made some huge mistakes. There are other more subtle moves though, such as picking Jameer Nelson but immediately trading his rights that hurt too – Jameer is now an All-Star for the Orlando Magic, a recent NBA Finals team.

Despite the Nuggets history, if you are like me, and ever hopeful for the upcoming season, here are a few links to get you amped for tonight, or to at least keep you busy during the draft:

2010 NBA Draft Coverage (ESPN)

2010 NBA Draft Preview (Roundball Mining Co.)

A Wasteland (MileHighSports)

As an NBA fan, you might just be watching tonight’s draft to see what unique insights are gained into the bizarre pact that seems to have formed between superstar free agents LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

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